Faces more than eyes, mirror the person

There are a number of things that can render a person’s face that imbalanced.  Strokes, nerve damage and brain conditions.

Given what we know about psychopaths and sociopaths – that their brain sections that process social skills and emotions are minimal to non-functional – I think that this facial imbalance is a measure of their ability to mimic what they cognitively understand to be appropriate and their actual authentic selves.

I think it is a sign of sociopathy given his circumstances. he is unable to mask a feeling he is unfamiliar with and has not learned appropriate disguise faces.

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Now, for this dykewriter blog – I would put this information to use in a few ways


Ironicaly as an article from Natural News about not being swayed by charismatic nutjobs.
And more seriously as a Lezflirt blog about safety in dating on and off line.


BC premier Gordon Campbell mug shots hawaii vacation


but I would most prefer to use this as a political teaching moment.


Because more importantly than who you date is who you vote for.

bush kissing saudi prince

and who they date, politically speaking


Harper smile Canada at war

PM Harper the moment Canada is declared at war.

Harper at Cirilo funeral


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