The Policital Shift towards Psychopathy

they are robotic because they are diagnosable psycho and sociopaths who are trying to appear more human and cannot, despite the best attempts at acting training and spin doctoring optics.

They are all “Bob Roberts“.

Rachel Notley is the third woman in recent history to pull this off.
Touching on notes of diversity and opportunity, Sen. Rand Paul (R., KY.) launched his campaign for president in 2016.
     at least he is honest that he will deprive the poor to feed the rich

There are more psychos in board rooms than in jail cells.

We really need to void Club Fed and put away the people who actually damage society by:

1. bringing disrepute upon the entire profession and undermining social institutions

2. Private Profiteering from war and environmental destruction.

3. Causing mass deprivation and inequality.

Those are crimes against society – and instead we focus on the small and person victim and property crimes.

which… if we deal with the first 2 and achieve the 3rd one – would have no incentive to gain wealth at the cost and expense of others.

Enbridge Inc CEO Al Monaco expects the newly-elected NDP government in Alberta to remain supportive of the oilpatch
Robofraud Canada's photo.

‪#‎IdleNoMore‬ ‪#‎cdnpoli‬ .. Montreal Police utilize illegal ‘kettling’ again .. in bid to STOP Anti-Austerity movement on MayDay .. The face of Canada if C-51

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