The Law vs Religion

The Law Society of British Columbia has voted against accrediting a proposed law school at Trinity Western University.|By Justin McElroy

Nina Tryggvason religion is incompatible with equality. I applaud this.

facebookMan Then you do not understand how law works or the justice system. Theres no room for using your personal religeous convictions in this field. Its driven by facts, evidence and an impartial judgement. Only the ignorant could possibly applaud this. Where do you think our laws come from? Thou shalt not kill etc, etc, etc.

Nina Tryggvason I am an atheist and religion is outside of law is the point of the story.

our laws do not come from religion. learn history.

facebookWoman Actually our laws do stem from “religion”. You are the one who should learn your history. Start with the 10 commandments. I trust your education will help you find them.

Nina Tryggvason wrong the ancient greeks had laws and the romans, codified before that Christian cult upstart. sumeria and babylonia as well.

any culture with govt structures were based on laws and a social contract.

India, China the Americas all had cultures with social and civic laws

religion makes laws when it is a theocracy. this is why it is incompatible with democratic equality.

given that the majority of the 10 commandments are orders to obey authority blindly. no fucking thank you.


 Kevin Karstens created this graphic

Kevin Karstens created this graphic

funny how it does not occur to either replier that it is LAWYERS who understand the law who voted to do this….eh?
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