Pride Flags and Hate Crimes


At the University of BC, it is Outweek – a queer pride and awareness event and someone has burnt the flag.

No one was physically harmed, but everyone who identifies under that flag has been threatened – and attacking symbols, significant locations or events is what a hate crime is – someone so hates a group that they attack things that stand in for the group.

Usually, hate crimes are about property damage and often – it’s hunting down and assaulting or even murdering anyone who looks like they belong to the group.

Which is where sexuality gets interesting because queers are in every demographic of people, it crosses through.

What is encouraging is that Vancouver City Hall is flying a pride flag in response, a symbolic gesture that has a great deal of meaning.

The City of Vancouver raised its rainbow pride flag in solidarity … the #Pride flag will fly today at #Vancouver City Hall in solidarity w/ #UBC.

Victim of 2009 gay bashing in Vancouver’s West End dies…/victim-of-2009-gaybashing-in-vancouver-s-…

Feb 2, 2015 – A Vancouver man has died, after spending the final five-and-a-half … Victim of 2009 gay bashing in Vancouver’s West End dies — said Lindsay Wincherauk, a friend of Dowrey, who witnessed the assault.

Brothers acquitted in vicious attack on gay couple | CTV ……

Jan 14, 2013 – Two Richmond, B.C. brothers accused of viciously assaulting a gay couple in downtown Vancouver have been found not guilty.police make arrests in two alleged hate crimes · Brothers stand trial in alleged gay bashing  .



Straight man ‘gay-bashed’ in Surrey – British Columbia ……/straight-man-gay-bashed-in-surrey-1.1991891

Oct 11, 2013 – LIVE Vancouver More bashing‘ results in not guilty verdict · Assault on gay man ‘not hate crime,’ Vancouver police say  …

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