Queer Community News – Canada eh

How things have changed since I came out in the early 1990s.

There is no more published queer newspapers, everything is online.

Rainbow crossing 6 Rainbow crossing 4

Queer spaces have largely disappeared, but there is a Gaybourhood – The Davie Villiage

from where queers and others who lived there have been falsely evicted under the current real estate scheme under the guises of upgrades and repairs, and then property sales in far excess of what the Canadian Market is, with the influx of Chinese Tril-Billionaires and American Billionaires and upper digits Multi-Millionaires move to the last safe to walk the streets mostly English speaking nation.

Canada. Where we look out for our neighbours as ourselves. What America could be like if they took Christmas seriously and did it every day, eh.


UBC pride flag burned during OUTweek
UBC pride flag burned during OUTweek
Hate Crimes happen in Canada and it is almost always done by males in their teens and early 20s, in groups. Gay Bashings include verbal assaults, physical assaults, sexual assault and murder.
Canada’s Criminal Code has a hate crimes provision and the Crown has been resistant to add it as an aggravating factor.
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Pride Flags and Hate Crimes

At the University of BC, it is Outweek – a queer pride and awareness event and someone has burnt the flag. No one was physically harmed, but everyone who identifies under that flag has been threatened – and attacking symbols, … Continue reading

The Queer Community Flag burner turns out to be one of our own.
Transgendered and protesting the internal exclusionism.
Not understanding, proving that it is not the plumbing where gender arises.
This was a very male action of putting the self before the community.
This was an act of using fear and terror to make a point about fear and terror and oppression.
it was not brave, it was cowardly and cravenly indifferent to the larger prism of reactions.
silencePat Robertson
At a time when Universities are still protecting male sexual harassers of women students in the medical education fields, where women are vulnerable patient groups.
it would however be unfair to use the extent of policy to punish this student while allowing other students with specific victims be allowed to progress into practising professionals.
Canadian War on Queerscontrol male sexuality
In Canada, we’ve had a little bit of a shock, the perpetrator will now be judged in the court of public opinion – and the issues raised and the community’s dirty laundry exposed.
so… here’s the thing.
Straight People are not changed or altered by Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual People.
The relationships break down because straight people can’t resolve the cognitive dissonances of their being in the friendzone and not the dating zone, because we acknowledge their heterosexuality.
The heterosexuals who remained our family or remained our friends were critical to gaining the unparalleled legal equality that we have in Canada. It does not pay to alienate your allies. To be pointedly clear, eh?
Gay Men and Heterosexual women are often friends, Fag Hags however need therapy about fixating on what one can’t have. he will never be into you.
Gay Men are pure male, and they are not modified by women, Gay men who lead hetero women on are not your friends, they are emotional vampires.
Gay Men and Lesbians can be friends, but there’s a reason why there is the Lesbian Isolationists.
Bisexual is controversial. typically it is a stage on the way to Boyville. Lesbian Until Graduation. Experimental, sexually flexible. Half Hetero and Half Queer.
We really would have developed a different understanding of people had we discovered the Bonobos first or closer to the chimps.
Then, the modern era, allowed many cultures of cross dressing traditions, including the European theatre where only men were actors. Or the Asian arts of males as females.
Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie Telling Women How to Be Women.
What was once therapy discussion is now public discussion, and with the transgender inclusion, there is a new dimension.
Nina Cover GirlThe First AIDS Decade
Now, I was once the news editor of the Vancouver Queer newspaper, Angles it was the Gay and Lesbian Community.
I was in the collective and forced the issue of specifically including bisexual, by the simple tactic of making everyone agree to it, or be outed as bisexual and removed from the voting collective.  there were 12 people, a quorum, and it would have meant 5 would lose their voting right if they voted against themselves.
I actually had to defend myself as lesbian against accusations of being bisexual. Seriously.
it comes down to dating, which is an individual choice and attraction is based on a lot of factors, including toxic people. Attraction to date, attraction to personality at friendzone levels.
these are negotiations and having an attitude of all or nothing, makes nothing
 Angles Media Card
You can be whatever you are, but you do not get to pin a label on me.
If I can’t be your ally in being your friend, then I am sorry, I am not willing to date you. Women are friends first romance maybe later. It’s why gay men can list their body dimensions and positions in want ads and women have a process list.
You are not my friend by calling me a genetic woman or creating a distortion in my identity with the cisgender therapy talk.
I mean clue to Bruce Jenner – women don’t say suck my dick if you doubt my femininity.
If you want to be included in the community, then be a responsible member and not a drama queen at a criminal charge level.
That said, no flag is too sacred to burn and it is a legitimate form of protest and performance art and civil disobedience, whether it is a community flag or a national one.
 Us vs ThemMV5BMTI2MDk5MjE4NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMjkwNTU3._V1._SX450_SY657_
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