Pride Flag: New Century, New Design

HRC updates rainbow flag to include brown & black stripes at DC headquarters

Keep it the way it always has been. Adding other stripes/colors detracts from something that has always been inclusive. If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. I’m very disappointed in this move.


if it had always been inclusive, this would not have happened

gay and lesbian was for decades something only decadent white people did

other demographics being out, proves sexuality is just one more variation across the species,

along with with over 1,000 other species observed in the wild


Nina Trygg, says you. The rainbow is all colors. This is ugly.


you are on the internet, look it up,

the flag colours have changed over the decades, and the colour meanings were never demographic

and flags have more designs than just stripes

by resisting the specific inclusion of underrepresented groups

you are the in community problem

we were once Gay and Lesbian, separate communities

then we became Lesbigay, LGBT, LGBTQ now LGBTQ2

it’s a new century, time for an inclusive and inter-sectional community flag

white gays and lesbians are not the only one with a community vote

and for too long, have been the public face of the entire community

last century only a few nations included us with allowing us to become boots on the ground in ,military service before we achieved marriage equality, with a civil union delay

so, if group of people can launch a computer drive into orbit and try to claim UN status as a nation

then LGBTQ2 need to get it together too

but keep playing small and whining you are not in charge

and complaining about people who are actually driving change that is better across demographics, not just for them self/their own, eh.


“…gay and lesbian was for decades something only decadent white people did”

Really, …I mean REALLY?


how old are you?

your lack of knowledge of last century is on you

learn to listen and you can learn from other people’s knowledge and experience


Gay and lesbian was for decades something only decadent while people did? That is a false stereotype and something that some people who did not want gays to have any visibility, rights, or power used for a long time to justify gays not having a place at the table. Some religious zealots and bigots used that phraseology to cast aspersions upon Homosexuals and Homosexuality that it was “lifestyle choice.” It was often used to convey “the other, scary them mentality.” That is patently absurd. There have always been gays of every color, both genders, poor, rich, middle class, et al, since time immemorial.


yes, it was a false stereotype that the mainstream used against us

but when people are claiming tradition and demanding reverence for last century’s work as if it is not being undone in 2018

do you start to see the problem?

I thought the Rainbow included everyone. This is how the left is loosing our elections. Ridiculous.


the left plays more victim than tho, and you’re right, fighting each other is why we’re loosing

while the right plays who conforms the hardest still won’t get included when conservatives implode because they can’t compromise

I have a attended several Pride events in the last two months. Thankfully, I have never seen this altered version of the Pride flag anywhere.


I know change can be difficult but this is a change in our favor as it represents LGBTQs as loving and inclusive. I believe you will get used to it. Thanks!


Philadelphia started the new design in north america

globally the original is slowly being adopted

Canada has added a 2 to the end of LGBTQ for Two Spirited

it’s a new century, and the queer community is bigger now

we need to stand united, because divided we’re genocided.

Lest We Forget

#Intersectionality is poison.

#WalkAway from the #WokeBorg.



learn to cope with that others exist

there’s 7 billion plus people, you need to learn to work and play with

Lest We Forget

What a Bullshit. If the black LGBT Community thinks they are not represented with the rainbow flag *which already includes ALL members of the LGBT+ family*, they should create their own flag. This is only dividing us, because next will be the arab, asian, white LGBT Community members who want their stripe and a worldwide symbol of solidarity is getting destroyed.
HRC should not support this


This is a change for the better as it represents LGBTQs as loving and inclusive, don’t let this divide us.


why are you in denial that bigotry exists in the lgbtq?

have you never read the personal ads that fetishize ethnicity, ability and other demographics?

log cabin republicans think being racist will make them more hetero-acceptable

How typical of the Alphabet Soup Movement that anyone who finds this flag ridiculous is now racist. Want show solidarity with victims of racial discrimination? Join the NAACP. You don’t have to be black! Frankly, this every-growing string of letters and “intersectionality” is beginning to look like a ploy to keep us from supporting and donating to other worthy organizations.


“a ploy to keep us from supporting and donating…..”

Sow a seed here huh?

Sounds kind of Trollish.


people can donate to whatever is near and dear to their small selfish hearts

you don’t get to claim “community us” or speak for/to it,
when you openly exclude others of said community

Log Cabin Republicans are, as Dan Savage called it, Porch Faggots

queer inclusion in the mainstream is undermined by disparity in community


(IMO) You’re referring to white privilege. Gays have always come in all colors.

That said if some wish to change the flag they can, if others prefer other versions – and I believe this is just the start of many different flags – they should have the option.


there are many community flags, for each of the LGBTQ letters, for the kink communities and all the fetish sub-groups

queers have been across all demographics and cultures through history

it;’s the secular western part of the world where gay was white decadent people, because we had enough social privileged to be out

and after decades of saying come out where/whoever you are

now we’re publically as diverse as the mainstream

and too many queer whites are acting like the mainstream

when they are told to actually accommodate, not just lip service

1/2 Black & 1/2 Mexican, the target audience for this and I don’t like it. I’m already well represented by the rainbow flag as is. This thing is going to have 57 colors by the time everyone gets represented in a flag that was supposed to symbolize representation for everyone.


no, it did not symbolize representation

representation was not even a thing when the rainbow flag was designed in the 1970s

are you really saying because you personally don’t agree that everyone else who did push for this change and those who embrace it should be ignored?

lgbtq needs to celebrate diversity within, and fight for representation in the mainstream too.

Why do we need this???? Makes us look like indecisive fools who don’t have any history or tradition or really commitment! The HRC has never spoken for me! They didn’t invent gay pride! How dare they! Rich ass organization! Horrible group of millionaires! White privilege


you want to reject the inclusive flag and blame white privilege for it being necessary?

maybe you should re-read your post and the article, eh.

Can we be honest. The reason why the mainstream gay community hates Milo Yiannopoulos is the same reason the Mainstream Christian community hates the Westboro Baptist Church; he says out loud and in public the beliefs and opinions shared by the mainstream community but are only shared behind closed doors away from polite society. At the end of the day the mainstream gay community only cares about promoting the interests of upper and middle class white men; and anyone who does not fit the description need only be seen not heard in order to increase the numbers, but ultimately need to get to the back of the bus until they are called for or need to be used a shields from criticism. Just look at all the people complaining about the change that is purely symbolic and a PR stunt; all the complaints boil down to “My white feelings are offended by being forced to think about the existence of darkies.”


no, they are not saying what “everyone” is thinking

they are saying reprehensible things that are wrong on their face

their content combined with the claim that “everyone” agrees with them

is why they are rejected by the majority and across the spectrum of the LGBTQ community

also, objective reality has a science basis, not bias.


Uh, sorry. If it is going to represent black and brown, it most assuredly will represent white as well!


it always had, and did

in north america, white remains the social default

we’re the ones who need to offer the inclusion within

that we have a right to demand outside of community in the mainstream


On the internet no one knows I’m a dog. Honestly; it doesn’t matter what race you are because you’re just here to enforce and support the status quo; and if we’re honest white supremacy has always been mainstream. Let me educate you; Racism isn’t as series of interracial slights. Racism like all forms of oppression is historical, systemic, cultural, contextual, economic, and institutional. Racism isn’t just white people calling black people the n-word; racism is enforcing and supporting a history and culture of white supremacy just as you are doing right now.


pale male mansplaining

you are unaware that other people have observed and experienced the world on their own, and don’t need it explained to them by you

especially given your repulsive worldview


It’s hard to believe that someone could actually think that co-opting someone’s art for themselves is okay. Have you ever heard of copyrights, trademarks, etc.? The only persons that are injecting race into this topic seems to be those that advocate modifying something that they did not create–most notably with ad hominem ploys about race. Every race is equal, and as such NO race will be disenfranchised or made to fade to the periphery. That is if one wants things as equal as they say. Fair is fair, and yes, I just took the high road.

under copyright laws, changing a thing 10% makes it a new thingsymbols of the community belong to the communitycopyright is a colonial concept, eh.meanwhile, “race” is an obsolete Victorian era term

which north american conservatives have carried into this century

there are no homo sapiens subspecies and while people do breed, we are not breeds,

ethnicity is an identifiable demographic, and no demographic is the sum-total of a person or their worth

that’s down to words and actions on the individual level

okay, so new flag from america and LGBTQ2 name change from Canada, eh

let’s make this the queerest century in the modern age!


Let’s not.


awe, oppressor troll is sad and ineffectual when activism is being done in front of it

Lest We Forget

I don’t care what anyone says, or how beloved the six bar flag is- I fully embrace this new version, as I grieve the great culture divide among the black and mainstream LGBT community. Our black American brothers and sisters are avoiding us and our so called “safe spaces” and organizations, community resources and the greater political movements for LGBT civil rights- those who do suffer poorer outcomes in many areas of life. Why? Because even the most open minded and best intentioned among us fail to realize our own racist behaviours are anything but welcoming! We tend to think we are “woke” and supportive and not a bit racist, but are not percieved so by black folk in social settings and exchanges. Those among us who wish to be inclusive are failing for lack of education and awareness of unconscious bias plainly visible, insulting and hurtful to blacks willing to reach out, participate or socialize. We do so without being aware at all.
The new design is an important statement that I hope becomes popular. A lot of painful conversations and attacks will arise which many will dislike for “rocking the boat” and causing discomfort. It’s a thing that needs to happen. It’s hypocritical to push for human rights and acceptance without resolving the same for all Americans. It can be icky and uncomfortable gaining the cultural competence to be truly inclusive of black people- a good heart and lip service to being non racist is woefully inadequate


“Woke” is poison.


learn to work and play well with others

there’s over 7 billion people on the planet

while you only think of you

pathetic troll oppressor


I think claiming that a global symbol of inclusion retroactively *wasn’t* inclusive is counterproductive. People overthink this. (And frankly, if we want to put emphasis on the fact it *does* include all races and trans people, then vertical bars next to the flag would be better symbolism than trying to tack more stripes on or put a graphic ‘wedge’ in the original. )

Cause I do think we ought to show specific solidarity with those among us under the very most attack right now. It just shouldn’t be considered something *new.* And it also shouldn’t be used as a real wedge like not happening to be using *that* flag suddenly *means* “Black people are excluded over some ‘LGBT racism’ here” or something.

I *don’t* get where people get that. It *seems* like a ‘perception’ mostly talked about on the Internet, and usually then about the boys on their dating apps, Or someone claiming to be black trolling ‘Yall are racist! Drop your civil rights struggle cause I’m offended you think you should have civil rights, too!”

Anyway, there’s trolls that want to divide us over issues like this. Let’s not do their advertising for them.


Just because the new design is announcement of a concious effort or campaign of inclusion, it does not throw dirt on the old, nor redefine it. Nor at this time take its place as the accepted official flag. If you chose to believe not adopting it and displaying the official version telegraphs ” racism here” , that is your mistake.
The new one is really an admission of guilt in a way


truth and reconciliation

in Canada, we’ve changed to LGBTQ2 for Two Spirited

I think it works well with the new flag too


I second that. What is it that makes the black and brown stripes necessary? Are they being included to represent the black and brown people in the LGBT moment? If so, what do the purple, blue, green and orange stripes stand for? What people do they represent? This is just silliness. The rainbow means inclusion.


original version was too expensive for late 60 early 70s printing technology

Hot pink Sex
Red Life
Orange Healing
Yellow Sunlight
Green Nature
Turquoise Magic/Art
Indigo Serenity
Violet Spirit

so, it was not about demographics or inclusive of the range of LGBTQ that exists in 2018

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a couple years ago, the pride flag at UBC, Vancouver BC Canada was damaged during pride week

it was not some hater outside the community

it was a person who belonged to the LGBTQ community, because it did not represent them

the community needs to be inclusive of all members, not just for the common, but the greater good

the police, willing to charge the perp with a hate crime, had no idea how to cope with policing our community

and we need to do better at being one, eh

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