Lezflirt: Pansexuality

What’s new in sexuality?

Which is what’s old and new again and in the modern era, there now are other possibilities outside of the occasional accidents at birth of an hermaphroditic offspring – which, for those who dislike olden words, means having both female and male characteristics.

I am using female first and advisedly as the initial sequence of words, since, as in all mammals, we are eggs – mDna in the powercell and X in the egg – then, a sperm delivers either a full chromosome X (his mother’s X) or a partial chromosome Y (his father’s Y).

the fertilized egg, then starts the dance of life and realigns, bio-chemistry is so romantic like a square dance and partner swapping happens and cells multiple and when the genes fire off and on and do their stuff, the genetic shuffled material driven mass of cells, unpacks over time into the biological expression of it’s best self dependant on thrival vs survival conditions in the womb and the early childhood development contrasted with the larger in family to out family social experience.

Why Do Men Have Nipples? – LiveScience

Feb 1, 2013 – Whatever your sex, everyone starts off as a woman in the womb.In many male mammals nipple formation is stunted by hormones, but not in  …

Everyone knows Frank n Furter the Sweet Transvestite, but few are aware of Diana
the mid 1980’s tv miniseries villain – the Quadrosexual Reptile. In the Miniseries and in the tv series, the Visitor’s culture was revealed to be rather Roman – and Diana had lovers female and male of her own species as well as the human species.
The re-boot V didn’t have Anna the leader as such and revealed them to be a Queen with Drones culture of egg batches and the reboot was pedestrianly heterosexual in their humans and aliens pairings – which was sad given that the reboot Battlestar Galatica’s success with hetero and same gender couples married in pairs but not group marriage was being explored as a social issue at the heart of the religious terrorism that is central to that show’s genocidal themes.
Still, anything off the hetero-normative mission of missionary is villainy and sex is often the weapon of choice.
V Villain Diana1459128-25599
The Fussy Gay Hairdresser the Alien Invader edition!
diana-lidia-lagartas-serie-v Lydia-and-Diana
xena_s2_hscma_dArc_500 xenamiss
extreme macho regular macho regular femme and extreme femme
wrap around the genders which are behaviours and fashions as societies allow
but given that this is the modern age, we have surgeries and hormone treatments and gender is reversible, like fertility in a way, depending on said procedures.
Wheaties Bruce krisjennerstar_edited-1 bruce-jenner-star 1381270466_bruce-jenner-kris-jenner-467
privledge tribeChaz-Bonoto-wong-foo-thanks-for-everything-julie-newmar-poster-1995-swayze-snipes-leguizamo
ForbiddenLove2-e1403715719357Laramie-ProjectTransamerica 1
Anita Bryant Pie Facekim-davis-married-four-times-meme
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