What is Closer to Thee and not Thou, eh

nina tryggvason2 minutes ago

oil companies filled that top cemetery for the last decades.

people tend to have more emotion about more recent events than past and with a stronger reaction to whatever is closer to their own experience.

and no. people are helpless and cynical and allowing corporations to do anything

religion, eh.; always forgiving itself. without investigation or any real oversight.


Pope asks God to Forgive Nazis | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxGodwin’s Law Exception, eh. Huge crowd at Polish shrine hears pope hail their faith Vatican Sex Crimes .. oldest Bank.. Separation of Church and State means taxing religions as private clubs.…dykewriter.wordpress.com

Onno Singularity
17 hours ago

‘Join our interest group, it only takes a soul (and morals, and common human decency)’

nina tryggvason12 minutes ago

money for nothing with altar boys for free… easy forgiveness too and little actual work

Onno Singularitya minute ago

I will now have to build a twitter bot that randomly forgives people

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago


from Church Militant.. if church and state is supposed to be separate it is because the state has a military.


LGBT Agenda vs. U.S. State DepartmentGay men suing over child’s citizenshipwww.churchmilitant.com

stop what they just started and is owed as social compensation?

this is why we are still protesting the same civil rights that earlier decades were supposed to have settled.


Why states need to ditch mandatory ‘LGBT history’ education programsA recent wave of bills requiring public schools to teach students about the historical contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people has made its way to Illinois, which recently joined California, Colorado, New Jersey, and Oregon, in enacting such a mandate. These lessons might sound innocuous enough, but even as a gay man, I think they’re actually an affront to our freedoms.Show Morewww.washingtonexaminer.comShareEmoji

on the public sidewalk. blocking foot traffic between bus stops and the skytrain station, there was three people supporting Maxime Bernier.

The woman I actually pointed my finger at and screamed that she was a Nazi actually dismissed the matter of Bernier leaving secret documents at his biker associated girlfriend’s home was unconcerned about the security breach and actually said that the woman was so hot ,she would have done it too.

I explained there was no hot woman exemption to the Government Security Policy and that Bernier should be in jail and not running for office.

And, when I called her a Nazi she became offended and said she was a Polish Jew.

I explained Poland has nothing to be proud about given they are on the verge of genocide queer people in Warsaw. This she said nothing to. no denial no quip, just silence.

given she said that Bernier’s girlfriend was so hot as to override the law, it was a curious exchange for this lesbian blogger.


I screamed at a bigot | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxI had to go to Oakridge Mall in Vancouver. Outside the mall. on the public sidewalk. blocking foot traffic between bus stops and the skytrain station, there was three people supporting Maxime Berni…dykewriter.wordpress.com


Comedian Shane Gillis booted from SNL after slurs against Asians and LGBT community cause outrage | National PostGillis initially addressed the mounting backlash by tweeting that he is a ‘comedian who pushes boundaries. Sometimes I miss’nationalpost.com

Bigotry is the laziest form of joking just under body functions for cheap laughs. it is not a boundary, it is an over trodden path and people from majority demographics do not understand that they become the joke. – Nina Tryggvason, The Shut In Stand Up.


Shut In Stand Up | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxA look at life from the POV of an agoraphobic. Because with Nina – it’s always about the funny; no matter how unsettling the context or disturbing the content. No matter what. so.. I had my dreams …dykewriter.wordpress.com


Province should scrap philosophical, religious exemptions for student vaccinations: de Villa | CP24.comToronto’s top doctor is calling on the province to consider scrapping philosophical and religious exemptions for immunizing students.www.cp24.com

Explosion at Russian lab housing smallpox, Ebola and other diseases: reports – National | Globalnews.caglobalnews.ca

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