The Stories Tellers Told, to this day, eh

Diane Beckettan hour ago

I’ve always said that American kids are better more natural actors than British kids who are too stage school for me ..

nina tryggvasonan hour ago

Americans take themselves too seriously to be actors of substance.

Diane Beckettan hour ago

I totally agree with Stephen Fry …he put it brilliantly but the American child actor is more the  natural in my opinion …when they grow up is a different matter .

nina tryggvason32 minutes ago

too many adults are oversized children

Diane Beckett26 minutes ago

American adult humour is anything but adult …I personally don’t like films like American Pie or the Police Academy movies for example ..I don’t think they’re funny…just stupid inane childish  rubbish ..

nina tryggvason19 minutes agoedited

heterosexual men tend to be penis fixated and are often confused they are not as amusing as their thing, eh.

Canada meanwhile has a thing for outhouse humour that is little better, eh,

Diane Beckett13 minutes ago

Lol yes there was a lot of dick fixation in American Pie …and it was cringy..ive honestly never seen any Canadian a couple because I could be wrong about that ..

nina tryggvason10 minutes ago

Porky’s predates American Pie and Meatballs the teen camp flick where 80s sex comedies from Canada

Diane Beckett6 minutes ago

Heard of Porkeys but not seen it but I can imagine the puerile  humour..

nina tryggvason5 minutes ago

it includes a guy measuring himself against a ruler under a sheet and a group of teens masturbating into a punch bowl and the plot of course is the male virginity dispensing as if it’s no big deal for boys and girls are not a consideration at all.

funny that males are studs and women are sluts for the same conduct, eh.

(funny I have not seen this movie since the VHS rental later 80s, I was underaged when it was released in theatres)

nina tryggvason5 minutes ago

it was the top grossing english Canada movie for a long time.

Diane Beckett
4 minutes ago

Oh how classy 

nina tryggvason4 minutes ago

yeah. well this is part of the problem of men writing women stories. they are female versions of male characters killing or fucking their way through a plot with quips instead of character and action instead of plot

Diane Beckett3 minutes ago

Of course and not much has changed ..

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

given President Pussy Grabber and his 80s worship.. Wall Street and Micheal Douglas represent the problem.

nina tryggvason3 days ago

and then they cry about being called out as Deplorables5 Replies

tray walker18 hours ago

u talkin to me son? it was sarcasim

nina tryggvason7 hours ago

so you claim but did not deliver.

nina tryggvason7 hours ago

as weak as bullies who claim their bigotry is a joke when caught.

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tray walkera minute ago

great one nina

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

only if you up your game and not rely on tired and obvious cynicism.

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