Cake to the Pie Hole: Karmalicious

Bakers who refused to make wedding cake still trying to get out of paying damages

The claim that refusing to service a celebration of same sex marriage discriminates against gays is as illogical as saying that the refusal to service a celebration of white supremacy discriminates against whites


being born white is not an accomplishmentand if it is, it’s your mothers, not yours eh

denying a service available to the public is discrimination

refusing to allow bigotry and refusing to celebrate bigotry

are consistent, unlike your whining about not being celebrated for your bigotry

not celebrating bigotry is why they can’t refuse to make cake

Dear Bigots: Tolerance does not include surrendering our dignity to you

Religionwatch: Pizza Bigots Pwn Other Bigots

Trolls vs Intersectionality – a Proportionality Lession

The Rights Door Done Right

Religion’s Denial Problem

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