Religion’s Denial Problem

religion is mental illness

it prevents people from being socially capable

and bothered by that others exist, and get to, eh

Church of England to debate condemning gay conversion therapy
pennies saved while dollars wasted; is not good governance
Anti-Trans Activists Are Allegedly Harassing People Who Decline to Sign Their Petitions. What Are Your Rights to Counter Them?
Anti-Trans Activists Are Allegedly Harassing People Who Decline to Sign Their Petitions. What Are Your Rights to Counter Them?

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    Carry a big gun

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    Make it a squirt gun, people have to learn that words have consequences and not everything has to be a movie of the week or fatal consequences… and mockery makes for a better viral video.
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      being bothered by that other people exist is mental illness
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    I won’t say it is mental illness. There are plenty of people with mental illnesses who do not hate others due to their gender identity. Labeling it as mental illness also takes away responsibility from the bigots, as mental illness is something that happens to someone without their control. Bigotry is a choice people willfully make.
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    very reasonable, indeed. The reason that I do label it so is because it meets the diagnostic manual’s meaning, and by listing it, the book would actually shrink down to be religion and actual mental illness owing to physical causes and leave the rest of us, without all the professional invented stuff to explain the coping of actual homo sapiens who are stressed by all the sub-optimal social outcomes religions cause – social class systems and poverty.
    the religious extreme is not where I deem the problem to be, it’s the moderates who confer a veneer of social acceptability on magical/supernatural thinking leading to the American Democracy being ended and a theocracy now in charge.
A gay man in Berlin has been attacked by a family
I will keep saying it: America you fucked up.
Imagine if Hillary…
Imagine if Hillary...

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    yes, the ERA would being passed for american women and other nations would have been afraid of a military headed by a woman and a gay man in charge of the army. would have ended religious terrorism because no one would have wanted to be a martyr anymore
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     I am not so sure about those things. The ERA still would have to get through Congress, and there will always be terrorists in the world. But the United States would not have been the laughingstock it is now.
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    If she had, there would still be rule of law in America. the Supreme Court/Government rules would not have been broken, it was about the social momentum lost from Obama while the Democrats were in fact as sexist as the Republicans say when they say “politically correct” – The republicans obstructed government under Obama at a level that should have triggered the UN to monitor your last 2 elections. That Supreme Court should have been his appointee. with Clinton, it would have been the Dems because then, they would have been broken and have to reform, as Canada’s Federal Conservatives are now.
Toronto Star Posted:
Pro-life, 38, “Stephen Harper With A Smile”: What we know about the new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and his path to political victory.
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    they are pro-control of women, not pro-life.


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    Failing to understand the Charter of Rights really needs to disqualify people from public office positions of public trust.


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