Vikings: Spectal Analysis of Navigation

Vikings used many methods of navigation – ocean conditions, wind, landmarks, the stars, the presence or absence of certain animals of water and sky that indicate distance from land.


They also had a computing device that helped and that may have includes using crystals in a very advanced.

Vikings were not barbarians, they were raiders – don’t get me wrong, Vikings saved women and valuables from burning buildings when their own men had suddenly died after all.

It was a summer job to get the men out from underfoot while the women ran things and the men ran around.


Crystal ‘Sunstones’ – How The Vikings Discovered America? (science 2.0)

there are also several reports in Nordic sagas and other sources of a sólarsteinn “sunstone”. The literature doesn’t say what this was used for but it has sparked decades of research examining if this might be a reference to a more intriguing form of navigational tool.

The idea is that the Vikings may have used the interaction of sunlight with particular types of crystal to create a navigational aid that may even have worked in overcast conditions. This would mean the Vikings had discovered the basic principles of measuring polarised light centuries before they were explained scientifically and which are today used to identify and measure different chemicals.

Scientists are now getting closer to establishing if this form of navigation would have been possible, or if it is just a fanciful theory.



Other important Explorations routes that brought cultures together towards create this: the Actual Common Era of global contact:


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in 2004, I had to explain to the tour guide at the Ottawa Canada Parliament Buildings that the Viking head in the ceiling might have been a guess at the time the building was constructed

but Viking settlements had been uncovered and examined by archaeologists since the 1970s and she had no excuse to not be aware of that part of Canada’s history – by the time she went to school, it should have been added to the Canada history, unlike when I went to school, graduating in 1986 and being told Vikings only ended civilizations, as if that wasn’t what all colonizer empires or empire wannabes did, eh.

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  4. swordwhale says:

    Our Viking Longship was up there in Canada one year. Check us out at

    There are folks in the group who know more about the history than me… all I can tell you is it’s lots more fun to sail than to haul on a 14 foot oar…

    Which is why the Vikings and the Polynesians got as far as they did, they didn’t have to row.

    Notably, both cultures ended their Great Ages of Exploration at about the same time. Coincidence? What was going on in climate and other stuff then?

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