Vikings In Canada

Today’s news brings more Viking History in Canada! A possible settlement site at Point Rosee!


Vikings | Historica Canada

Norse raiders, Vikings as we call them, sailed their sleek open longboats out of the misty fjords of Scandinavia to the shores of the British Isles, up the rivers …

Vikings: Spectal Analysis of Navigation

Why are we only looking at the site in Canada and trying to sort it out, when we could also be finding out from Iceland – what records they have about where they went, eh?

Where people squatted for a while vs where they remained….more parts than just the site to examine. Context is king.


Vikings vs Visigoths


Vikings vs Volcano: 1973


The Pagan Viking Era


Vikings vs Christians


Ghettoized Communities: Muslims in Vikingland


International Women’s Day History: Viking Edition


The Viking Elvis: Pim Maas

Pim MaasPim Mass and Elvis 2

Vikings: Warriors and ShieldMaidens


Vikings Score Again   so basically   Vikings invented texting and sexting.


Viking Games


Viking Women



Writer Chat: Vikings on Vikings


Keep Calm and Viking On


The Viking Virtues

9 virtuestumblr_mvcbsopwE31qmlko9o4_1280

Fey Fairies and Folk Tales: People Power

Vikings, Dragons and Cats

Feirce Fey Folk

Iceland’s Mischief Makers

Feynman’s Rainbow Review

Allow me to explain something about Iceland:


Meanwhile …. In Iceland

Nina and grandpa's boar

Icelandic Wonder Pastry



Iceland is a land of fire; Greenland is disappearing glaciers


Freydis and Gudrid

Iceland’s main economy used to be blackmailing the US on NATO base rent

but now they do geothermal and genetics, as well as that

during the Iceland sanctions by europe over the Cod War with Britian, Iceland sold their herring to Russia and had to buy their gas from Russia

so instead of raising the rates, they made the US buy the fuel

so in the 1970s, American jets spying on russia were doing it on russian gas

Iceland is funnny that way

they also bought a boat with a single shot cannon and fired potatoes and cod at the British, it’s the only bloodless war in history



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