Foodie: A Taste of Punjab

I took my Mom out for a birthday lunch to “A Taste of Punjab”

it had been a while since I’d been there, under the previous owners as it turned out

But from the moment you walk in the door and that waft of warm amber Currey scent teases you and tantalizes your tongue, to when they finally party in your mouth and your eye water as you see through time!

kidding you can get hot, medium and mild ranges.

We enjoyed the spinach paneer, Onion Naan, Chicken Tika Masala and I forget the proper name, but it’s the prawns in the currey cachew cream sauce. washed down with chi.

There was enough for three, so there’s an extra lunch in the fridge now and I still didn’t have room for any of the dessert items. I wanted to try the carrot-pistachio pudding. Next time, eh!

Under the previous management, the restaurant was entirely a Punjab cuisine, but now features a Chinese-Indian fusion option of chinese dishes with indian spices.

the food was as delicious and filling, so a recommend.

In Surrey, there has already been an Indian-Italian fusion of pizza and pastas with Indian spices – multiculturalism – this is what is best about it – because really, only in Canada.

When I lived near UBC in the Dunbar area of Vancouver, my fave greek restaurant was sold and became a Greece-India fusion – they had a Greek Section, an Indian Section and a Fusion section of select dishes from the first two menus in the spices of the other – a hybrid and then some delightful vegetarian options that were new creations.

because really, only in Canada.

That interesting painting on the wall over the cash register – men sitting with lions as if domestic cats and horses frolicking like dogs  in the background – a pastoral setting… I have never seen a painter put their phone number on a work before: Dude when it’s valuable you are not reachable anymore, just saying – messages from mediums or mediums of message, eh.

Visit their website to ogle the food

Taste Of Punjab

Taste Of Punjab, A Place Where Real Taste Of Punjabi Food Is Served With Love. Welcome To Taste Of Punjab. A Place … 10009 whalley blvd surrey, BC,


In terms of being an agoraphobic outing, it was about 90 mins and that was the only place.


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