History vs Herstory

Why is this underwater now? because there used to be 3 miles of ice on the North American continent then.... it melted and this disappeared under the water

What one learns, depends on where and when one learns it.


History is not only written by victors, that genocide eliminates the people while cultural0cide removes the physical representations.

Many cultures did not develop writing systems and fewer bureaucracy.


TV review: Vikings

what we guess, pretend and imagine

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Vikings In Canada

versus the evidence


Vikings: Spectal Analysis of Navigation

how they got around: technology


Vikings vs Visigoths

where and when they roamed


The Pagan Viking Era

to the modern era

Vikings vs Volcano: 1973

Humans vs nature


International Women’s Day History: Viking Edition

Society vs Demographics

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Columbus was never in what is known as America.

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which is named for Amerigo Vespucci


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Ghettoized Communities: Muslims in Vikingland


Vikings: Warriors and ShieldMaidens

Freydis and Gudrid

Viking Women

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Writer Chat: Vikings on Vikings

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From a family of blockade runners

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Allow me to explain something about Iceland:

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Viking stories often refer to a Viking Harold the Child Lover.

After pillaging a village, the children would be used for entertainment.

Tossing them in the air and spearing them. Viking fun.

Harald thought this was excessive and preferred to bury them alive in pits.

Just brutal, nothing perverse like the Vatican Sex crimes, eh.

Anyway, part of my family’s Saga.



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