Lezflirt: Priming the Pump with Florals

Give us this day; June 07, Our Daily Elvis

032-ann-margret-theredlist ann_margret_elvis_presley_15

For Ann-Margret’s opening in Vegas; Elvis sent a guitar-shaped flower arrangement, something he would do for every one of her Vegas openings until his death in 1977.


The Movie Wedding got very short edit and was over as you realized that the European Count died in the race…

Elvis and Ann honeymoon Elvis_Interview_1964_annmargret_wedding ElvisAnnWedding

Elvis meanwhile had Priscilla stashed at Graceland and while Elvis could sorta convince her it was just movie publicity – that was not going to wash with her AirForce Father.

Women like flowers, it shows you care, pay attention and think about them.

Think of it as a small investment to negate and reduce nagging if you have to.

What’s the opposite of a Happy Meal? This McDonald’s marriage proposal, served between two buns, which ended with an unfortunate rejection. “I’m… huffingtonpost.com
Romantic, not clever, not comedy, not sports spectacular – imagine her at 8 or 12, the age most girls get snagged into the teenager/yound adult one wedding into marriage myth.
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