Sexual Education for Grown Ups

Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum has polarized parents. Last night we spoke to a woman who kept her daughter home from school as part of a protest against the curriculum. Thousands of parents in Ontario did the same. But now, some…
Analysis: For Canadian Muslims it could be an interesting moment. White Christian so-cons haven’t accomplished much in politics in recent years,…

anyone surprised?

An outbreak of chlamydia at a high school in Texas has forced administrators there to send a warning note home to parents. District officials confirmed to…
When we’re growing up, we’re pretty desperate to learn about sex any way that we can — and if the adults in our lives are not forthcoming, we’ll use any…|By Gabrielle Moss
A Republican lawmaker who promoted legislation to teach “abstinence-only” sex education in schools announced that his own…
  •  cliche and predictable
  •  ^^ there was a time I was the cliché of the PK. everyone attributed my drinking and hell raising was just a PK rebellin .. it was in fact a scared Queer closet case pk .. conflicted by the fairytale and the real me. it drove me to the edge … but I survived and came out .. and live proud.
  •  statistically speaking, it’s probably his baby
  •   ^^^ ouch. but probably accurate.
  •  Karma
  • Did I mention that I was able to escape the Beast of BC, clifford olsen when I was 12?

Rape confession

A powerful leader of a worldwide evangelical church warns that same-sex marriage will lead to no more babies being born.
  •   Cite your sources pastor
  •  There it is – The stupidest thing I have read today….where do these IDIOTS keep crawling out from?
  •  and why do we still report their #idiocracy !
  •  Ignorance is a very very scary thing…..
  • they mean white ones. let’s be very clear

interesting that heterosexuality has to be enforced with strict social control. I guess they are all admitting they are deep closet.

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