Angles and SantaDyke

First, to add to the blog post, because I really don’t like composing in a layout program, but blogs are no longer journals, but magazines with multimedia content, which is how I always used it anyway, eh. it is the incessant autosaving and page freezing that I could really do without, Layout programs as pages have been around since build webpage days.

In fact, I used a program called Ventura for the Angles newspaper. these images are from my personal photo albums, with my scrapbook extras

Santa Dyke Checks out the Tom of Finland book
Gay Man gets kd lang curious
Gay Man Triangle Tops the Christmas Tree, SantaDyke sighes… finally

the final cover selected for the Angles edition:

My name is Nina and I am a Gen X Dyke from Canada, and I wanted to share a blast from the 1990s,

Angels was the Vancouver BC Canada gay and lesbian newspaper, and I was a volunteer and once on the cover. So, enjoy the guy who shared it with me, eh, over the cover and two alternative images

Grandpa R.D.
Glad that you shared!

Steve Mentor
So glad to read your post +Nina K Tryggvason

Steve Mentor
we have many lady’s here. If you would like to post photos or videos of lady’s you would like to see on GSU feel free to post them.

Thomas Hawn
Thanks for sharing +Nina K Tryggvason

Billy Robert
Thank you Nina for sharing…. This makes me very happy…. 😊 💗

Nina K Tryggvason
+Grandpa R.D. gratitude. I talked too much truth to power and lost my voice, it’s shaky, but I am getting it back eh.

+Steve Mentor gratitude. this is part of what I am donating to my old university’s lesbian archive project, it has advanced to the 1990s, my baby dyke years.

+Thomas Hawn gratitude. I had volunteered at Angles and also wrote for the Xtra West BC version of the Xtra Toronto Ontario paper, when I came out the community was “gay and lesbian” to the mainstream, and now it’s so much more diversity and amazing, eh.

+Billy Robert much gratitude, your encouragement did helped.

Joan Poh+2Love your expression in the second pic! 😁😉5h

bernadette ring's profile photo

bernadette ring+1Why is he topless?4h

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

Joan Poh +bernadette ring I am glad you asked those questions. Here is the answer: the photographer was working up to a porn shoot with himself and that guy who wanted to be a model, so this was his big break and he was not qualified to be a model. The shoot was after I had a fight with the costume rental place who did not want to rent a santa suit to a woman. Then, it was several hours in that Santa suit in in a small apartment with hot lights. After I was game to do the looking at his book, I had to argue to do a shot of him checking out my book; so the last shot concept (which was made up during the session, stills and video was shot, I only have these three cover consideration proofs provided by the professional photographer) of the shoot was, and he was the “character” he was playing for the shoot – big dumb idiot thinks putting the top on is effort and I was supposed to be unimpressed; so it plays out the gender genital dynamics as still theatre, you can see which cover the mostly male collective took, I wanted the tree triangle, because Lest We Forget. I still have that kd lang book. 40m

bernadette ring's profile photo

Thank you for the explanation, I suppose he has to be grateful for small mercies 👀 very small by the looks of it.

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

yeah, and for the next three months, people who saw the cover asked me for the guy’s phone number. as if I had it, eh. the one other woman in the collective of the paper at that time, complained the cover was beefcake and no cheesecake. and I was sitting right there like… what?

bernadette ring's profile photo

He looks a little brawn rather than brain. We’ve heard of beefcake but not cheesecake?

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

the best cheesecake example would be Suzanne Sommers. The girl version of the beefcake. I did not see myself on the cover that way. the funny part is, that I was in a different issue on an inside page, for the Gwen Jacobs march for topless rights in Canada, 1992.

bernadette ring+1+Nina K Tryggvason so you went topless?

Nina K Tryggvason+bernadette ring well, I went to do the event as a reporter and so few women showed up that I did join them, but I put aids stickers over my nipples, to prevent arrest. we walked up The Drive and even got on a bus, where some guy in the rare to have a cell phone days phoned the police. we got news coverage and I even got the woman reporter from the local news to flash the group to the amazement of her cameraman. we were on the CBC evening news and well, my parents were surprised but not really, eh.

Emotional crowd as Gwen Jacob speaks at Top Freedom Rally in ……/emotional-crowd-as-gwen-jacob-speaks-at-top-freedom-…Aug 1, 2015 – Gwen Jacob – “Bare with Us: Top Freedom Rally at Waterloo Town … of the march and was glad to support equal rights for women in every way.

RCMP tell topless B.C. woman to cover breasts, despite it being …

bernadette ring+1+Nina K Tryggvason hahaha that’s brilliant, hats off to you 🎩 very understanding parents, my mom would have knocked me into the middle of next week, British stiff upper lip,think of the neighbours and all that jazz. 8m

bernadette ring's profile photo

bernadette ring+1+Nina K Tryggvason wow fair play to her and also she’s quite right boobs are feeding instruments for babies of all ages eh and mostly made up of fatty tissue 3m

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

Nina K TryggvasonOwner+bernadette ring yeah, proud to bring down property values, I blame the simpsons for the downward mobile thing.

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4 Responses to Angles and SantaDyke

  1. dykewriter says:

    bernadette ring
    Love the words to the song, very catchy lol

    Nina K Tryggvason
    I totally have the snapping earwormed.. lol

    bernadette ring
    that made us laugh louder than we should’ve

    Nina K Tryggvason
    best kind of laugh, loud and shared.

    bernadette ring
    not for the neighbours.

    Nina K Tryggvason
    joke em if they can’t take a fuck, eh.

    bernadette ring
    hahaha never asked or cared if they can give or take a fuck. Seriously they’re really great neighbours because we rarely see them. Best type eh

    Nina K Tryggvason
    . I put a fence around my backyard and discovered who the 4 other good neighbors were. neighbours is the correct spelling, google.


  2. Onno Doove says:

    Ahh, cool!
    Part of THE project?


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