From Nation Rights to UN Righted

How two lesbians helped take down Roseanne


Not to mention all the times people called Michelle Obama an ape and freaked out when she wore a sleeveless dress

but Melanie/Melania Trump’s doing fake lesbian porn for men’s magazines is somehow classy.

I do see a difference between Rosanne Barr’s tired racist trope being applied to a politician and Samantha Bee’s name calling Ivanka Trump for claiming to be a moderating influence, when her white house appointment is utter nepotism as the difference between hate of a group where an individual is made to represent and commentary on an individual and their conduct in theri sphere of influence.

Also Kathy Griffin, the professional comedian and her severed Trump photo, as art commentary of politics as a being socially valid, unlike random members of the public who lynched President Obama in effigy on their front yards.

it is time for those white people to stop making white embarrassing and people need to be called out out for being bothered that others get to exist.

it’s a teachable moment that working and playing well together is not political correctness, cooperative behaviours are the greater social good.


I remember that. I remember saying “WTF?!” Who the hell do they think they are? They’re just saying things like that because he’s a negro. They can’t stand the thought of a politician in the White House who’s skin colour isn’t the same as “Most Americans.” Talk about backwards thinking!

Bill Clinton was the first president to say “Gay and Lesbian” and meet with our reps in the white house

Obama was the first to include trans and atheists as Americans.

But, we need to get away from those national labels too.

We’re all homo sapiens, with less than 1% genetic difference between any two of us.


I know. That’s what I liked about Obama as President. He included all Americans as Americans. I totally agree with you about getting away from national labels. We’re all humans.

I also liked Bill Clinton. He may not have been the best president we could’ve had. I’m sure he had more than one affair, not just Monica Lewinski, but there were things he did that I liked.


under President Clinton, there was a lot “for the economy” as a measurable; it was the infamous “stupid” sign he posted
and he advanced the social public debate forward
he was the first sexy president in years

after Elvis Presley’s GI Haircut, Clinton’s airplane runway one was America’s most expensive.

Hilary headed drafting the first attempt at health care for everyone as First Lady

and that meeting with Gays and Lesbians at the White House

resulted in IGLA, the International Gay and Lesbian Association, the first queer umbrella group to gain UN Advisor Status, and began the inclusion of queers in rights at the UN

so imagine, Eleanor Roosevelt’s mid 1960s proclaimation

if she had been able to be included, given Loreena Hicks.

People remember Queer Nation, Act Up and Lesbian Avengers because it was the young and sexy activists being queer in public

while the less cute and heavier activists did most of the committee work

Being an Over-experienced community volunteer…

Job Interviewing: Volunteering

Employees vs Volunteers

VolunteerWorld: Vancouver Women’s Health Collective

the problem of PTSD and volunteering

Everyday Angels: Volunteers

Depression 101: Volunteer at something you enjoy

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especially since “most” are no longer “white”
demographically shrinking and why the anti-abortion and “rape is legit contraceptive method” pubically expressed quoted by republican elected officials

and what they really mean to say is “real Americans”

and the people who understand what they are saying

are the bigots who loath women of their own kind, and men and women of all other kinds, and fear those who act as if the other sexually and change gender and confuse their whole world view, why they demand to be able to rape and murder anyone to objects to their having or them being had by another person.

“family values” was code for anti queer, but also pro spousal rape and incest, as far back as the 1990s and the mainstream didn’t listen

even as Focus on the Family published their child abuse manuals favoring rods over children.

they love the troops and leave veterans homeless

the only group that is larger than suddenly homeless LGTBQ teens

meanwhile Florida Gov Jeb Bush and President Bush the Lessor sent healthy men and women into war

while shutting down government over a vegetative coma Terry Schivo to prevent her husband from ending no faint hope even life support

in favor of her parents , so, really, so much for family values of marriage is the prime relationship

and marriage is contract law that does just that very thing

why the “civil union” was a lessor state that did not create the same level of kinship and in the USA and Canada, it’s over 1,000 rights connected to legilation and equal access and treatment under the law

and what the right most fear to speak of is

1970s Affirmative Action was general compensation for past historic wrongs

women never got such a settlement, just an okay, we’re supposed to include you, and in America, the ERA remain unratified

and LGBTQ have won right in the court

we are getting pardons and aplogies

so compensation is the next phase

and, so it’s the passing on of oral history

that is a new thing for LGBTQ when humanity itself now has more generations than ever before living at the same time

so it is amazing to see, how identities play out over generations

during the extended lifetime our species now has, mostly thanks to modern dentistry and health care, sanitation and all those goods n services that civilizations brings.

We have also gone from not knowing if there were still stone age level cultures to knowing where they are and creating boundaries around them.

and we’ve explored more space, from leaving our galaxy to probing other planets and landing on our moon, with several nations participating.

than we have the ocean of our world, that we all breath the same air drink the same water and have the same biological needs

yet, we continue to feel entitled to treat everything and everyone else as trash; and that is not what right mean, or else they really are not worth the paper printed or breath utterance.

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