the world is a scary place

but is it worse now than the good old days?

it depends on which “good old days” and where one’s place in said social order of the time

life board game editionSettlers of Catan 3

so clearly, going back is about winding back the clock on people deemed included

it is more scary than before?

I am not sure that the world has really changed since the last major alteration of civilization the Nuclear/Hydrogen Bombs, human’s closest technology to volcano destruction levels.

I know we all like to do that where where you when, as if an assassination here or a disaster transport ion event there really turns our worlds around, so much as magnify the spinning.

the speed of information and the reliability of information is increasing, even as our ability to miscommunication and create fraud with our audio-visually recorded historical events.

capsule_467x181defending the earth

the advent of the internet is perhaps as revolutionary, since now, the people under the bombs can post and report live, from under the rubble…until they can’t

nation to nation with citizens hunkered down in each place

now, it’s possible for citizens to communicate directly, instantaneously and internationally, well. depending on internet throttling and government regimes…

loose lips sink ships but what sort of lips sends them in the first place?


The Techno Haves vs the Techno Nots, war no longer who can most feed the machinery of war and war no longer a matter of national survival but annexing control over other nations, civil wars no longer a reflection of the cultures within borders, but the proxy battleground of indirect warfare in the sphere of influence.


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