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Coffee Shop Revolutions

Gay couple thrown out of Lyft by irate driver after they kissed Nina Trygg • 2 days ago time to not allow grey market business to undercut the professional industry, which has standards and insurance. from cars to homes undercutting the hospitality … Continue reading

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Logic Processes: If… -Then-; Else

At the donut/sandwich/coffee shop – my Mom and I could not choose what we wanted. Not wanting to hold up the line, we invited the three women behind us to bypass us. The 80 something year old made an in … Continue reading

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Crystalized Catharsis

  The closest I got to being part of film was this 2004 short film. It cost about $400, mostly for the camera tapes and food for the cast and crew. Filmed in my house and at a local nearby … Continue reading

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Scientific American has an interesting article about boredom and how it impacts your health and basically leads to death. It is difficult to overcome boredom and major depression and being agoraphobic increases the challenge.   I spent a year draining … Continue reading

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Writer Chat 122 teasing Robert Peate about Ayn Rand

  Dear Dykewriter Readers   Last year, I took a leap of faith and made the decision to recover.   On January 1, 2012, I woke up from a dream I couldn’t remember, but I remembered the experience of waking … Continue reading

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