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How Canadians See Themselves

The National Film Board arose from the Military Cameraman who brought back the films from the First World War and the Second which were land based in the theatres of Europe. The second world war ending those nations from producing … Continue reading

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Canada to annex America?

I know that by population Canada is a smaller nation than the US of A. But it makes more sense for Canada to annex America than the other way around.   America was the nation that the idea of the … Continue reading

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SciFi: The World of Tek War

The 1960s was not kind to science fiction and medical/cop shows continued to dominate – but cute guys being their own bosses against the inept Man in the form of Dukes of Hazard and BJ and The Bear also had … Continue reading

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Star Trek Verse: William Shatner!

The Best Starship Captain ever!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Star Trek Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to William Shatner – Captain Kirk from Star Trek: The Original Series! Learn more: http://bit.ly/STShatner Kirk was an explorer – Tough and sexy. A … Continue reading

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I call Shatner!

George Takei From several fans. This post does not necessarily reflect the views of this network, its sponsors or affiliates. (But it does reflect some good-natured ribbing.)    can’t…you…see….I NEED TO FINISH, THIS DAMN BOOK.  EDIT!! THIS!! OPERATIVE!!! REPORT!!!  This … Continue reading

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Viral Stunt Attempts

When I started my recovery process on my original blog, it was about running for Prime Minister. I don’t speak French and I am too smart to get involved with anything as dirty as politics. Since I have already spent … Continue reading

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Random Pattern Alignments

So yesterday, I blogged basically about William Shatner and Elvis. last night, I watched several episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun, one of my fave comedy series and I did these screenshots Dick: It’s called The Shatner Halloween Fun … Continue reading

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