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Medium Messages across generations

Nina Trygg   a book made up from scrolls written before books existed and were never meant for the followers to read edited and selected over centuries by a heirarchy that is not actually set out in said manual JoelGray   Keeping … Continue reading

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Raw Recovery Specialist: Webtoons

  xkcd dino comics @ qwantz           User Friendly         then… it’s coffee break time….it’s always coffee o clock  

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Consumer Christmas Consumption

Visit User Friendly by JD “Illiad” Frazer Roy Orbison had one of the most stunning voices and his “Pretty Paper” is not the christmas song that it seems to those who don’t listen to words outside of th chorus   … Continue reading

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Tech Support vs Supportive Tech

  No matter what job or industry I worked in, I invariably did tech support. It was only ever actually my job once, but there were offices that I could not leave my workstation to get coffee without saving the … Continue reading

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Managment: Pointy Hair Bosses 101

Mr Pinkley in the Cathy Cartoons was the first pointy hair boss; but the workworld was third to her romance and shopping. Seriously I am not sure why Cathy and Mabel didn’t get married – I am sure they had … Continue reading

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The World of Computers

Technical problems have occurred in the household network.   Viruses are no longer the domain of script kiddies or security wannabes making a name for themselves – crime is now the major driver behind viruses and also… well There is … Continue reading

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User Friendly: conceptualized

“User friendly depends on how friendly the user is.” Nina Tryggvason, computer tech support   I remember home life before computers. I remember the workplace when computers were the domain of geeks and secretaries.   I remember the boast about … Continue reading

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