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Family: why no work or life balance

https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/43kx4n/being-a-lesbian-doesnt-make-me-your-work-wife Being a Lesbian Doesn’t Make Me Your Work Wife – VICEPlease stop saying we’d make a cute couple, Karen.www.vice.comShareEmoji Onno Singularity15 hours ago Good read!1 Reply nina tryggvason – Ownera few seconds ago yeah those at work recreations of … Continue reading

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Defining Gen X

From Brat Pack fandom, to Microserfs, dot boom to bust either latchkey or quality time kids who failed to launch or career crashed the sandwich generation, coffee because adult children of alcoholics the baby boomers vs milenials. the plentiful generations … Continue reading

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Xena’s Musical Episodes

While Buffy the Vampire Slayer famously had an episode with a musical Demon; Xena The Warrior Princess had The Bitter Suite Opera Cycle and Lyre, Lyre a Muse driven episode. Music was important in both shows – Buffy the Vampire … Continue reading

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Families the ever running Sitcoms

the 1950s Sitcoms were Father Knows Best families Mom doesn’t rate the cover of the tvguide? WTF! Leave it to Beaver – the Mischief boy – but TV Familes now had TEENAGERS! the 1960s saw the rise of single fathers … Continue reading

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Theme Song Sept 24: The Great Pretender

it is the realization and the simultaneous recognition of the truth that is the delicious satisfaction of self realized actualization raw recovery specialist Nina Tryggvason  

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Theme song for August 7, 2013

  My first ex introduced me to Queen. My most recent ex to Mary Chapin Carpenter. We even saw her in concert, sadly, she had hurt herself badly enough to have to sit but not enough to cancel the concert. … Continue reading

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Today’s Theme song: Spread Your Wings

  This is a screen cap from a facebook  group that I am in for weight loss support. It was started by my pal Vicki Wagner who is a comedian in LA and I will add the fan club link … Continue reading

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