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The Why Knowledge is Power

Academics plus experience, eh. “Mr. Ford [Premier of Ontario] is desperately trying to strongarm Ontario’s teachers into delivering a curriculum that is harmful by omission to appease his conservative base. By doing so, he risks dragging Ontario into the past, … Continue reading

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Dear Bear Family Records: Sissyman Blues

When I was a DJ on Simon Fraser University’s student campus radio, in the 1990s, I often played a cd called “Sissyman Blues”. It was a collection of 1920s and 30s American Black Lesbians and Gay Men. I was been … Continue reading

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Film Buffery: Broken Blossoms

Broken Blossom – I first saw this in a film history class at Simon Fraser University. I was riveted and until I saw Peter Jackson’s early film Heavenly Creatures… this movie had the most violent and distressing murder scene an … Continue reading

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Student DJs Daze: The Cowboy Junkies

I was a DJ at Simon Fraser University in the early 1990s.     I remember playing a track from The Trinity Sessions by The Cowboy Junkies   not only amazing, but it counted as part of our Canadian Content … Continue reading

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Today’s Theme Song Trilogy

This was one of my fave songs to play when I was a DJ at Simon Fraser University back in the early 1990s. it goes out to …. it goes out. My mom told me that this was one of … Continue reading

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Particular Particles: The Metaness of Comparative Comedy

  Before the Big Bang Theory, There was VENUS! One of the best episodes of this show was Venus teaching the atom to his new girlfriend’s teenaged son. Mentoring young people has been one of the pillars of my recovery … Continue reading

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Recovery Movie Review: Pirate Radio

The UK bashlash to Rock n Roll – European Style. Building on Europagentry, the UK 60’s clothing and sensibility was not as black vs white as in America. Sexual sophisticates – insofar as het man drag and dirty old men … Continue reading

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