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things I wonder about, eh

nina tryggvason why do perps get such a vigorous defense instead of the victims? Jet City Woman Sad isn’t it. nina tryggvason yes. the victim is not even relevant when the crime is deemed against the state and the victim … Continue reading

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Funny how it was ever a thing, eh

Men are not allowed to assault, rape and/or murder a woman who says no, a man who asks for a yes or anyone they think tricked them. Nina Tryggvason, Dyke Activist, Lesbian Avenger Vancouver Chapter 1990s https://www.newyorker.com/news/our-columnists/the-end-of-the-gay-panic-legal-defense The End of … Continue reading

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Coffee Cognition and Catitude

https://endpoints.elysiumhealth.com/why-women-are-underrepresented-in-clinical-trials-398c9e0735aWhy Women Are Underrepresented in Clinical Trials – Endpoints | A Science Publication by Elysium HealthElysium Health spoke with a leading women’s health expert, Dr. Natalie Mager, on the progress being made to foster inclusion in biomedical research.endpoints.elysiumhealth.comShareEmoji Alex Bluea … Continue reading

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Social Tolerances: Abhorrent

High standards +1 ‘Nuff said. Get off your high horse and actually DO something useful! Nina From Canada, eh pro life means from conception to birth only, every sperm is sacred thinking and women are disposable brood mares. High standards … Continue reading

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Stranger vs Intimate Assault

One time, the movie was about a battered woman who murders her husband. Now, given the statistics on this, this is a life and death battle between people who once cared for each other presumably. Getting a restraining order is … Continue reading

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Dear Birthers Who are not over Obama

Are straight black men the white people of black people? Nina Trygg • 3 days ago white women are not on par with white men and this really doesn’t help, this article and my response too it’s a distraction from the common … Continue reading

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Understanding Criminal Stats and File Facts

My Credentials for this blog post: RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic The RCMP Apology   onto the LGBTQ2 news: Man who allegedly raped & burned a lesbian couple alive claims he was their ‘friend’ I am a Canadian Dyke, who … Continue reading

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