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framework and proofs. eh

Onno Singularity21 hours ago Looked up an article referring to the same study, basically more research needed, but inclination might be present in the genes. Same things have been found in many other psychological/biological studies, up to and including mental … Continue reading

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Average People vs Smart People: a Moot Debate

‘Ex-lesbian’ who said going vegan cured her cancer dies from cancer Heero_Yuy • 10 days ago I, or a version of me, have taken care of both an aunt and a grandmother with dementia. This occurred during a time when I, or … Continue reading

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Religion’s Problem of Proof

The Truth, with a side of snide Here a Proof, there a Proof Everywhere a Proof Proof. Well, not quite. What Constitutes Proof varies widely through the ages, in accordance with evidence gathering abilities. For Babylonians, the proof was in … Continue reading

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