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Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

From weather disaster to climate changes: the new space race Withering Weather … whether weather Mt.Vesuvius vs Rome Disaster Management Is a Science Science: The Earth Disciplines Forces and Density: Applying Science Cow farts and Global Warming Earth and Junk Concept Communication via Pictoglyphs Iceland is a … Continue reading

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Deny Delay and Discuss: Disasters and Catastrophic Evolution

Dear Governments: Putting Young Earth Creationists in charge of preparedness and environmental sciences is not okay. disaster weather is not related to what humans do with their genitals, and disasters are not “deserved” or caused by the fact that abortions … Continue reading

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The Easiest Way to Understand Reality is The Insurance Industry

Not sure if climate change really is real or if it might impact you? Try to get disaster insurance for your home and business, including business resumption. Insurance is the last industry were discrimination remains legal. Renter insurance is denied … Continue reading

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