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From Yesterday to Today Outing

Yesterday, I went to Vancouver to visit a friend. We went to Lucy’s on Main Street and then for a walk in a park on 16th that I’d never been to before in Vancouver: Mt Pleasant Park, which was funny … Continue reading

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A New Personal Best: Today I laughed

This post goes out to two special readers, who will know who they are. An Atheist fondly remembers childhood church experiences The “I had a happy childhood” meme Please see also: Elvis On Childhood Dreams Dear Agoraphobic Diary Today, April 17, 2018, … Continue reading

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Most Beleivers are Bullies

My Maternal Grandmother, who died from car accident injuries in 1995, believed in being good. She also believed in god: Abrahamic Trilogy;JewChristislam/…/- From Roman/Greek Orthodox/Roman Catholic preschism Old World to three generations in Canada, New World: Pentecostal Christian. When I … Continue reading

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Dream a Little Dream

I dreamt last night. When I woke up, I remembered a fragment, the situation was mundane and woman in the dream was imaginary. I haven’t dreamt in a long time and that is serious, because dreaming is what our brains … Continue reading

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Elvis Presley: The Sixties Crooner

Elvis left his sideburns in the army and became an establishment performer. Like his movie counterpart Vince Everett, he neglected the music. Favouring quantity over quality. Pity, given this must have album: ELVIS IS BACK Sleazy Jazz, Dirty Blues and … Continue reading

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  Researchers use Elvis’ hit music to unlock secrets of how memory works: Researchers from the University of Amsterdam have attempted to use hit music tunes including those by Elvis Presley, Abba and the Spice Girls in order to unlock … Continue reading

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  throw the dirt onto the screen – dirt falls into the wheelbarrow rocks roll off into the containers   in a lot of ways I feel like I am still doing this   sifting memories, looking for rocks to … Continue reading

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