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TV Made Me…

Original Script, based on a theatre comedy monolog by Nina Tryggvason INT. THEATER STAGE. NON-TIME A TV showing only static sits on a stool. The TV is the only source of light. A woman steps in front of the TV, … Continue reading

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The Last Time – a short film script

I wrote this first as a short story and then as a short script. INT. NORMA’S BEDROOM. EARLY MORNING. LINDA (repressed, femme) and NORMA (soft butch) are lying in bed. Norma moans and shifts in her sleep. Linda carefully turns … Continue reading

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Rethinking Sitcoms

    amazon description: Doty, who teaches film and gay and lesbian studies at Lehigh University, is concerned in this volume with uncovering gay/lesbian/bisexual elements in unexpected places in popular culture. He wishes “to challenge the politics of denotation and … Continue reading

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