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Family: why no work or life balance

https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/43kx4n/being-a-lesbian-doesnt-make-me-your-work-wife Being a Lesbian Doesn’t Make Me Your Work Wife – VICEPlease stop saying we’d make a cute couple, Karen.www.vice.comShareEmoji Onno Singularity15 hours ago Good read!1 Reply nina tryggvason – Ownera few seconds ago yeah those at work recreations of … Continue reading

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How People Count Demographics

The two years after the Pulse shooting have shown that queer lives don’t matter   Charles Wallace • 10 days ago When you only represent 3% of the population, don’t expect a giant nationwide tidal wave of reaction. Jennifer Lopezgomez  Charles Wallace • 9 days … Continue reading

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