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the religion and mental illness: a fine line to be drawn

Alex BlueTimeline8 hours ago I don’t believe in your schizophrenic, delusional and narcissistic theistic beliefs. I don’t pray to an imaginary friend (God), nor do I pray to imaginary friends (gods) like those who are schizophrenic, delusional and narcissistic. I … Continue reading

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Religion: Meets the Diagnostic Delusion

not.just.saying.eh? Remember the Email Tax Internet Hoax? Private Sector package deliveries undercut the crown corporation not by being more efficient but by paying employees less than comparable jobs in the Public Service. Email was part of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Romanov Fantasy

I just saw this image in my facebook feed as an example of True Love.. well… the reality is: he cheated on her on the wedding day and they are kissing cousins. Seriously. royal families of Europe. I hear banjos … Continue reading

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