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Pet loss and grief

grief and grieving animal companions so dear so much less time How Grief Gets Complicated Grief is Complicated, not staged Why grief is complicated Good Grief Earth: a right to life for the non-human forms?   one another then one triggers all that came … Continue reading

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Compounding Conversations: What Not To Say

There are a lot of times people struggle with what to say. part of the problem is that people don’t know how to listen they zero sum, compare and contrast but they rarely comprehend and almost never compassion, just circle … Continue reading

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Books Review: The Greif and Get Over Self Help Genre

Sometimes you are counting down the hours of your own life; Other times you are counting down the hours of another’s. Sometimes, death comes unexpectedly. I remember how controversial the “Final Exit” book was, but it was the peak AIDs … Continue reading

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Movie Review: History of the World, Part 1

One of my fave Mel Brooks films.. Okay.. that Viking funeral scene is hysterically funny. I think Jewish humour, laughing in the face of craven indifference, has been one of the most important crutches in my mental defense system. From … Continue reading

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Coping with Cognitive Dissonance

      then just when I think things cannot get weirder I find this I mean wow what the fuck is up with this?  

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Dealing with Rejection

I have been asking various on line writer groups about dealing with rejection as an indirect way to deal with rejection and abandonment. Today, I found this article: The Squeaky Wheel How to complain the right way to get results, … Continue reading

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brain power

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