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Snow Tire Change Rebooked Outing

It was up early and out the door on one cup of coffee. Off to the garage to change over the snow tires to the all seasons. A Panic Attack Averted Outing Objective: Snow Tires part three: In the waiting room, … Continue reading

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Snow Tires and Snow

The Tire Expedition Thwarted Yesterday, the Vehicle was left with Canadian Tire for the all seasons to winter tire exchange. There was a need to replace one of the snow tires, so instead of being a couple of hours, it took … Continue reading

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Stop the Job Losses: Boycott Self Serve

It started with Bank Machines, and given the hours of banking, that convenience has collectively cost us our ability to manage our money. Direct Deposit and AutoPayments too. Then it moved into gas stations, which at least in BC, paying … Continue reading

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Big Chain vs Little Chain

I prefer to shop at brick and mortar stores than online. I want people to have better quality employment than warehouse shifting from shelves into drones. While at the Black Bond Books, after a turn around the store and as … Continue reading

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Economics Watch: Canada, eh? Edition

  Canadian Tire, the most Canadian of stores did a customer study and discovered that the average customer spends $30 in a typical visit. This has the impact that… customers are deemed to be an impediment to your shelf stocking … Continue reading

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