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Click here for Season One Review Xena and Gabrielle, as obvious as the affection and attraction was in the first season, the second season is when the show really began to grow and play…

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Zeitgeist Geo-Analytics

Posts about pop culture, history, science, climate change especially, media literacy, social behavioral psychology. Enjoy this most recent to oldest index Stop Government Shut Downs, eh Dear Sally Ann Bell Ringers: Updated Business vs Government working together dykes and fags. eh More Equality … Continue reading

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Events Propel Social Change – but people change society

      if a person really supports the troops that means you support what they died for   freedom and liberty   not so people in a secular society can vote to deny or take away or suppress rights … Continue reading

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How to Identify Real Food Flowchart

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Confessions of a Teenaged Poet – poetry from elementary school, high school to college/university Not that it matters, but this is a oldest to most recent listing of the posts. the writing varies widely when it was actually written…. Plasma … Continue reading

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