Triangles: Pink and Black

reclaiming the triangles in the 1970s to 1990s,

until Aids ribbonsOriginally shared by Nina K Tryggvason ABSTRACT: This article explores the politics of “reclamation.” Its focus is on pink and black triangles, currently used as symbols for gay and lesbian pride and liberation. Previously, these same identifiers were worn by those destined for annihilation during the Holocaust. I suggest that, in [re]claiming these markers, activists, however well intentioned, run a path dangerously close to historical denial.

Triangles and Tribulations: The Politics of Nazi Symbols | The Holocaust History - A People's and Survivor History -

Triangles and Tribulations: The Politics of Nazi Symbols | The Holocaust History – A People’s and Survivor History –

the gay pink triangle  #LestWeForget triangle – Wikipedia


the lesbian black triangle. Lest We Forget triangle (badge) – Wikipedia

Lest We Forget and #LestWeForget

because this was certainly rarely if ever taught in schools

or that, when the allied armies arrived, the pink and black triangles were not automatically released as everyone else was. gay or lesbian under Nazi rule

because there is no denial, Germany documented, and IBM helped. of Nazi concentration camps – Wikipedia Persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust - Wikipedia

Persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust – Wikipedia

from the article:

The idea of a prison camp – specifically Auschwitz, in Oświęcim, Poland – where Hitler’s soldiers would shoot, hang, poison, mutilate and starve men, women and children en mass was not an idea Hitler, the bigot, came up with on his own. In fact, the Pulitzer-Prize winning biographer John Toland wrote that Hitler was inspired in part by the Indian reservation system – a creation of the United States.

“Hitler’s concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history,” Toland wrote in his book, Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography. “He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the wild west; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America’s extermination—by starvation and uneven combat—of the red savages who could not be tamed by captivity.” Said to Have Been Inspired by US Indian Reservation System – IndianCountryToday.comnewsmaven.ioShared publicly

From the 2015 article:

And at the centre of all this, the practice of seizing aboriginal children permanently and usually unwillingly from their parents, placing them in state custody, and subjecting them to the forced labour and isolation of residential “schools” – the subject of this week’s monumental Truth and Reconciliation Commission report – reached its peak at the very end of the 1950s and continued in significant numbers through the 1970s (the last residential school didn’t close until 1996). Almost a third of aboriginal Canadians – 150,000 people – were raised, without access to their families, in these institutions (which were by any normal definition not educational but penal).

In other words, this is not about acts of vanished generations: A very significant proportion of still-living indigenous Canadians were personal victims of these abuses; the effects of such deprivation will last many generations, and may have only begun.

This is about modern Canada. And it is about a crime that carries the word “genocide.” schools, reserves and Canada’s crime against humanity

Haunting Photos Of History's First Concentration Camps, 40 Years Before The Holocaust
many contend that history’s first concentration camps were built in South Africa, 41 years before the Holocaust began. These camps were built by British soldiers amid the Boer War, during which the British rounded up Dutch Boers and native South Africans and locked them into cramped camps where they died off by the thousands. This is where the word “concentration camp” was first used – in British camps that systematically imprisoned more than 115,000 people and saw at least 25,000 of them killed off. In fact, more men, women, and children died of starvation and disease in these camps than did men actually fighting in the Second Boer War of 1899 to 1902, a territorial struggle in South Africa. Photos Of History’s First Concentration Camps, 40 Years Before The Holocaust

from 2011

Rudolf Brazda, the last known survivor of the thousands of men who were sent to Nazi concentration camps because of their homosexuality and died last week at age 98, was buried Monday near his home in Mulhouse, in eastern France. gay survivor of Nazi concentration camps dies | DW | 08.08.2011



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Angles and SantaDyke

First, to add to the blog post, because I really don’t like composing in a layout program, but blogs are no longer journals, but magazines with multimedia content, which is how I always used it anyway, eh. it is the incessant autosaving and page freezing that I could really do without, Layout programs as pages have been around since build webpage days.

In fact, I used a program called Ventura for the Angles newspaper. these images are from my personal photo albums, with my scrapbook extras

Santa Dyke Checks out the Tom of Finland book
Gay Man gets kd lang curious
Gay Man Triangle Tops the Christmas Tree, SantaDyke sighes… finally

the final cover selected for the Angles edition:

My name is Nina and I am a Gen X Dyke from Canada, and I wanted to share a blast from the 1990s,

Angels was the Vancouver BC Canada gay and lesbian newspaper, and I was a volunteer and once on the cover. So, enjoy the guy who shared it with me, eh, over the cover and two alternative images

Grandpa R.D.
Glad that you shared!

Steve Mentor
So glad to read your post +Nina K Tryggvason

Steve Mentor
we have many lady’s here. If you would like to post photos or videos of lady’s you would like to see on GSU feel free to post them.

Thomas Hawn
Thanks for sharing +Nina K Tryggvason

Billy Robert
Thank you Nina for sharing…. This makes me very happy…. 😊 💗

Nina K Tryggvason
+Grandpa R.D. gratitude. I talked too much truth to power and lost my voice, it’s shaky, but I am getting it back eh.

+Steve Mentor gratitude. this is part of what I am donating to my old university’s lesbian archive project, it has advanced to the 1990s, my baby dyke years.

+Thomas Hawn gratitude. I had volunteered at Angles and also wrote for the Xtra West BC version of the Xtra Toronto Ontario paper, when I came out the community was “gay and lesbian” to the mainstream, and now it’s so much more diversity and amazing, eh.

+Billy Robert much gratitude, your encouragement did helped.

Joan Poh+2Love your expression in the second pic! 😁😉5h

bernadette ring's profile photo

bernadette ring+1Why is he topless?4h

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

Joan Poh +bernadette ring I am glad you asked those questions. Here is the answer: the photographer was working up to a porn shoot with himself and that guy who wanted to be a model, so this was his big break and he was not qualified to be a model. The shoot was after I had a fight with the costume rental place who did not want to rent a santa suit to a woman. Then, it was several hours in that Santa suit in in a small apartment with hot lights. After I was game to do the looking at his book, I had to argue to do a shot of him checking out my book; so the last shot concept (which was made up during the session, stills and video was shot, I only have these three cover consideration proofs provided by the professional photographer) of the shoot was, and he was the “character” he was playing for the shoot – big dumb idiot thinks putting the top on is effort and I was supposed to be unimpressed; so it plays out the gender genital dynamics as still theatre, you can see which cover the mostly male collective took, I wanted the tree triangle, because Lest We Forget. I still have that kd lang book. 40m

bernadette ring's profile photo

Thank you for the explanation, I suppose he has to be grateful for small mercies 👀 very small by the looks of it.

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

yeah, and for the next three months, people who saw the cover asked me for the guy’s phone number. as if I had it, eh. the one other woman in the collective of the paper at that time, complained the cover was beefcake and no cheesecake. and I was sitting right there like… what?

bernadette ring's profile photo

He looks a little brawn rather than brain. We’ve heard of beefcake but not cheesecake?

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

the best cheesecake example would be Suzanne Sommers. The girl version of the beefcake. I did not see myself on the cover that way. the funny part is, that I was in a different issue on an inside page, for the Gwen Jacobs march for topless rights in Canada, 1992.

bernadette ring+1+Nina K Tryggvason so you went topless?

Nina K Tryggvason+bernadette ring well, I went to do the event as a reporter and so few women showed up that I did join them, but I put aids stickers over my nipples, to prevent arrest. we walked up The Drive and even got on a bus, where some guy in the rare to have a cell phone days phoned the police. we got news coverage and I even got the woman reporter from the local news to flash the group to the amazement of her cameraman. we were on the CBC evening news and well, my parents were surprised but not really, eh.

Emotional crowd as Gwen Jacob speaks at Top Freedom Rally in ……/emotional-crowd-as-gwen-jacob-speaks-at-top-freedom-…Aug 1, 2015 – Gwen Jacob – “Bare with Us: Top Freedom Rally at Waterloo Town … of the march and was glad to support equal rights for women in every way.

RCMP tell topless B.C. woman to cover breasts, despite it being …

bernadette ring+1+Nina K Tryggvason hahaha that’s brilliant, hats off to you 🎩 very understanding parents, my mom would have knocked me into the middle of next week, British stiff upper lip,think of the neighbours and all that jazz. 8m

bernadette ring's profile photo

bernadette ring+1+Nina K Tryggvason wow fair play to her and also she’s quite right boobs are feeding instruments for babies of all ages eh and mostly made up of fatty tissue 3m

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

Nina K TryggvasonOwner+bernadette ring yeah, proud to bring down property values, I blame the simpsons for the downward mobile thing.

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Dear Sesame Street

I grew up watching Sesame Street and The Electric Company, with Schoolhouse Rock in between the saturday morning cartoons.

Bert and Ernie have clearly been a couple for a long time. I do have a concern with the show’s long denial going back to PBS days, when it was designed to both educate children without access to school information and with unlearning social anxieties.

That they need to better embrace Bert and Ernie, rather than say they are muppets, while at the same time, having other characters in the franchise with diagnosable conditions and even aids, because these are important learning tools.

Being specifically included and not hidden in subtext or read in by the unrepresented groups who need it the most – without access to the public sphere.

It is just really funny to me that I stood in a mall store with season 1 of Sesame Street as a season box set and it had a warning label that it might not be suitable for all children was just… I don’t even have a word. and, they might have been better off without Elmo in the background, given the givens, eh.

Cartoon Commentary Memes: Pop Up Referentials

Bern and Ernie are of the in the closet era, and Elmo is the end of childhood

I moved onto Fraggle Rock and Muppet Show before Mr Hooper died and before the Snuffalupagus had to be known so that children could learn to avoid predators and Big Bird would stop being gaslighted by the whole street.

Sesame Street, the Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock


The Cartoon View Layer

TV Shows…Where Tropes Began

Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie gay or not? –…/gay…bert-and-ernie-gay…/09fb5dd3bfc9e25cbd6ad2ce052…1 hour ago – DECADES of speculation over two of Sesame Street’s most famous characters — Bert and Ernie — is over. One of the iconic show’s writers has …

Sesame Street disputes writer’s claim that Bert and Ernie are gay ……/sesame-street-bert-and-ernie-remain-puppets-and-do-…6 hours ago – The Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie are not gay and in a relationship, the children’s show was moved to say on Tuesday after a former …

Former Writer Saw Bert And Ernie As ‘Loving Couple,’ Sesame … – NPR…/former-writer-saw-bert-and-ernie-as-loving-couple-sesame-work…5 hours ago – Mark Saltzman revived a longtime debate saying, yes, the beloved puppet pair were gay. Their producers and creators were quick to deny the …

See Other Muppet Characters:

Sesame Street as Psychological Primer

The characters on Sesame Street suffer from many disorders in the DSM-IV.

Sesame Street as Psychological

Kami (Takalani Sesame) – Wikipedia

Kami, the HIV-Positive Muppet – Top 10 Topical Sesame Street … – Time

Why the Team Behind Sesame Street Created a Character With Autism…/team-sesame-street-created-character-autism-180…Why the Team Behind Sesame Street Created a Character With Autism. The bravest new face on television is a Muppet that doesn’t say much. But she speaks …

Sesame Street introduces muppet with autism to teach children about ……/sesame-street-autism-muppet-juliaMar 20, 2017 – Sesame Street is adding a new character to its ranks – a muppet … Bravo, Sesame Street – your character with autism will erode ignorance.

Meet Julia, Sesame Street’s autistic puppet, who was introduced on 60 ……/meet-julia-sesame-streets-autistic-puppet-who-was-introduced-on-60…Mar 20, 2017 – On April 10, Sesame Street will introduce Julia, a puppet with autism, to its … The character made her debut on a clip on 60 Minutes, a news …

Julia (Sesame Street) – Wikipedia

but really:

Sesame Street Mental Disorders – Neatorama 22, 2013 – This chart of mental diagnoses for the characters on Sesame Street has been making the rounds today, but it’s not exactly new. It appeared …

Every ‘Sesame Street’ Character Is Suffering From Severe Mental … 22, 2013 – No, no, it’s not, and we have Sesame Street to thank-blame. As the graphic below helpfully points out, every character on the so-called …

The Muppets and Mental Illness | Legitimate Operator 2, 2011 – A study into the mental illnesses suffered by a number of the world’s … Elmo has been part of the Sesame St troupe since the early 1970’s, and …

Every Sesame Street Character Is Suffering From Severe Mental … points • 196 comments – Every Sesame Street Character Is Suffering From Severe Mental Disorders – IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to …

Sesame Street as Psychological Primer | Psychology Today…/sesame-street-psychological-primerOct 25, 2012 – The characters on Sesame Street suffer from many disorders in the … about an issue that will affect many of them as adults: mental illness.

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PTSD and City Living

Today, I heard an explosion and then sirens for over an hour.

But I was safe at home, and could hear it was across the Fraser River.

The Family next door to me, safe from a war torn nation were frightened by the too familiar sounds. The Father asked me in halting English what was happening.

I guessed an industrial accident, and he smiled. I said I was not sure, but I would find out. He asked about the elementary school down the block. He worried it was safe.

I told him it was, that it was across the river, and no danger on the streets here.

later in the evening, I was looking at the few stars through the clouds and waiting for him to sit outside on his back porch.

When he appeared, I told him it was a business accident, the school and neighbourhood are safe.

He smiled again and waved, then went back inside, and so did I.

Fire & Explosions At Surrey Propane Recycling Plant Has … – 604 Now hours ago – Fire & Explosions At Surrey Propane Recycling Plant Has Closed Highway 17 … Big fire in Surrey from New Westminster side.#Surrey #fire …Missing: sirens ‎| ‎Must include: ‎sirens

One injured in fire at Surrey propane tank recycling facility | CTV ……10 hours ago – “Crews arrived and saw propane cylinders venting,” Surrey Fire Department … fire was a challenge because of the risk of explosion, Keon said.Missing: westminster ‎sirens

Latest Breaking News, Top Stories, Headlines, Photos & Videos … at Surrey propane recycling depot disrupts traffic … Rob Shaw: New local grant programs are political wins for Victoria and Ottawa …

Local Archives – NEWS 1130 person hurt after fire at Surrey propane recycling plant in the Bridgeview area · Long-range weather in B.C. forecast as mild with a slow start into winter.

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Appending Political Adages

Nina K Tryggvason
I guess this is why they prefer getting caught with a live male and dead female, rather than a live woman who can talk, eh.


James Benson+1
+Nina K Tryggvason Please forgive my memory, who is the dead female you are referring to?


Nina K Tryggvason
+James Benson You are not experiencing memory problems, it is a political adage. I refer to Edwin Washington Edwards (born August 7, 1927) is an American politician and member of the ….. election day, Edwards joked with reporters: “The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy”. And then I am compressing decades of Political Scandals into my own addition of “rather than a live woman who can talk, eh.” as the new punchline.

so, pretty much that could be anyone in the republican party.

funny how the family values tend to have all the incest and adultery with secret abortions followed by the crocodile tears and stand by your man show,

followed by the no one’s perfect redemption,

depending on whether caught with a live male or a dead female,

that adjective difference should be the great scandal, eh.

the agoraphobic philosopher


so, this explains a lot about that whole creepy wholesome, the righteous oblivious to the obvious, and why the current crop initially called themselves teabaggers.

Nina K Tryggvason: this is the best protest sign of the President Pussy Grabber Administration.

indeed. 2 years of obstructing the supreme court under Obama


Nina K Tryggvason: This is why the ERA remains unratified. followed by rule breaking to appoint and now this:

Meanwhile, in Canada

A controversial bill reducing the size of Toronto council has cleared a major hurdle.

Following a raucous all-night legislative session that began at 12:01 a.m. Monday, the Progressive Conservatives concluded the requisite six-and-a-half hours of second-reading debate of Bill 31, the Efficient Local Government Act.

Tories’ Toronto council bill clears hurdle after lively all-night debate | The Star

Nina K Tryggvason+2
+If it had been Adam and Steve, Steve would have bottomed and Adam would still be in Paradise. Frankly, I am not surprised that first human Lilith and then Rib Girl Eve, left.

Anita CheneySo Jesus was married and had two children, what were their names and did they have a white picket fence?

Nina K Tryggvason+2+Anita Cheney Jesus said you can’t have a family and be his follower, and he spawned pedophile priests. nice family values, eh?

I guess Cain married a monkey, which certainly explains Ken Hamm, eh.

yup, entirely ridiculous and not at all believable. I have even meet a Christian who followed John the Baptist rather than Jesus and that the Ethiopian Christians maintained a building with the ark of the covenant for centuries, only to discover it was empty when the roof collapsed. beggars belief indeed.

the no other gods commandant certainly left open the idea of alternatives too. something my sunday school teacher could not cope with as a question.

Christian NalletambyModerator+Anita Cheney There are different theories, but, officially, there were 4 men and 2 women on the ark… 🙂

It was Cain who went “to the land of Nod” to find a wife. 🙂

Charles Roba Greene+1+Christian Nalletamby
And when he went to Nod, did he find Wynken and Blynken okay??

Nina K Tryggvason+Charles Roba Greene thanks for that much needed actual laugh out loud, instead of the usual “sunshine video” award I normally do when someone’s post makes me laugh, I am gonna award you the first ” reality check video” award instead, you don’t have to listen, I am only a passable singer, but it’s the atheist faking a gospel tune – and a very special recording.


I want to, but part of my brain is saying a history of child labour industry practices, and corporate power vs nation power.. separate corporation and state… the problem of branding social civil rights.

the agoraphobic philosopher

see also:

Does the OK Sign Actually Signify “White Power,” or What? – Medium…/does-the-ok-sign-actually-signify-white-power-or-what-6cf330…Sep 5, 2018 – But what does the seemingly innocuous hand sign have to do with white supremacy? … on top, the OK sign also means “asshole” in American Sign Language. …. ‘These gullible SJWs now think that even the OK sign is racist.

Nina K Tryggvasonso this is how asshole pride became a thing, eh?

Nina K Tryggvasonso his choice is incompetent to manage his team, who crimed on his behalf, and he’s a good leader when they are setting up the when did he know and when did he forget it dementia defense..

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Dali Lami Ding Dong

Nina K Tryggvasonit is nice quote from a guy who took CIA money for violence in Tibet, when he was not in charge of it anymore. 6h

Haitham Ali's profile photo

Haitham AliHe believes in religion , Buddha , reincarnation and tell us it doesn’t matter !!!! what a mess .4h

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

Nina K Tryggvason+Haitham Ali well, at least reincarnation means he’s planning to come back to deal with the environment, eh.

The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan 
Walk into a Bar

Words and Soundalike Words, geesh

ReligionWatch: The Pope vs Dali Lama

ReligionWatch: The Dali Lama Karma Ding Dong

Heroines: Madaline Murray O’Hair

Nina K TryggvasonI don’t notice that Anne Coulter, who says women shouldn’t vote, has any man to eat her proverbial sandwich, I guess she shouldn’t be out in public taking away a job from any man who could be being paid more.

Men vs Women: The Genitalia War Continues

men vs women: politics and religion

Men vs Women: Because Babies

Read the rest by clicking below. Education should be re-branded as ‘Religion and Worldviews’ to ensure survival, report says

Nina K Tryggvason+1+Gord Davison religion is more art and histrionics than history and science, eh. 4d

Gord Davison's profile photo

Gord Davison+Nina K Tryggvason Basically, yes, even though that was not what the writings were intended for, sort of like Greek Mythology.

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

Nina K Tryggvason+1+Gord Davison yup. Joseph Campbell Greek 101 coffee table edition. I prefer asop’s fables.. they are more relevant.

Hi Group,

There have been many studies going back into the 1980s on gay and lesbian parenting. so let me summarize

involved parents have children who thrive better than absent or abusive ones.

Nina the Canadian Gen X Dyke. shows lesbian moms raise children just as healthy as mixed-gender parents

upcoming internet news: Because blasphemy is duty were not punishable by death.


Sunday, September 30th is

Jay Vollmer+2Just a week or so after International Talk Like a Pirate Day and one week before Zombie Appreciation Day. I love the holidays1h

Nina K Tryggvason's profile photo

Nina K Tryggvason+1I think the godbots are active, I just got a google suspension warning.

I reported and blocked a few porn bots, and google just issued me a suspension warning.. is that how the google community standards work in web 3.0?

Alex Grossman+Nina K Tryggvason It is how it is supposed to work. I always do the same as time permits (meaning when I get time to read the comments on my threads). It could be that the person managing the bots chose to report you for revenge. I don’t get those warnings, i’m sure, because i’m reporting comments on my own threads. That doesn’t mean it’s right or that you should stop, just trying to explain what may have taken place here. +Google+ should look into this.

Nina K Tryggvason+Alex Grossman I tried once before to get assistance in there, and frankly, it was worse than the trolls. they claim “policy” but can’t cite specific policy and deemed that a sufficient reply.

so what that means is that google goes by mere report without consideration of content, which makes me wonder why they bother with reporting categories. I wonder if they report the pedophile reports to the police agencies. or what are they doing to the posts that include violence threats or suicide counselling. which are the other posts that I have been reporting

Happy 20th Birthday Google

Dealing with Trolls on Google #

Dead Dude Debate on Google

WTF Google?

#%^$& Google

Pointless Google Appeals

Google the User Service

Google Blocking Access Again

Google is Discriminatory

Posted on August 20, 2016 by dykewriter

all of my comments were deleted by Google Moderators: G+ Collections Help 4h what is the point of constant warnings without identifying WHICH Post so I can remove it? Warning Your content has recently violated our policies. Facilitating the sale … Continue

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Give us this Day: The Daily Elvis Break Down

visit our daily elvis for sept 17, 2018 being updated currently

Nina's Soap Bubble Box

okay time to listen the mood with today’s Daily Elvis.

over to:

Give us this day September 17, our Daily Elvis

According to Carl Perkins Elvis played in Bethel Springs, not far from Jackson. This took place at the high school gym and all the girls went wild. After the show Carl and Elvis had a talk about the possibility of Carl singing with the Sun studios as well. Elvis didn’t know whether Sam would need an other singer, but however Perkins did visit Sun the next month.

Elvis and Carl Perkins

Elvis performed at the High School Auditorium, Thomasville, North Carolina.

Elvis visited Dewey Philips at WHBQ.

The filming resumed at MGM Studios in Hollywood. And Elvis had a long interview with Lloyd Shearer on the set.
Elvis spoke of all the friends surrounding him. He was stating: ” it is important to surround yourself with people who…

View original post 345 more words

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