An Anxious Outing

Today I managed through an experience that most people would not think twice of, other than, I did it in the financial institution rather than online.

I went to the bank, which I used generically, because I use a Credit Union. and technically precisely, pedantically, they are not banks.

Anyway, I went to pay my VISA credit card bill, and the expected credit was not on the invoice, after two phone calls to the credit card company associated.

Anyway, in what felt like an hour to me, holding up a line up of mostly boomer aged people, but was probably a third of that time

The Millennial Teller went above and beyond her job role to help me learn that the visa had done worse than not give me a credit, they improperly mathed on their invoices.

so, now I have to have a meeting at the bank, because I am a canary and that is a systemic problem.

yeah me, another class action, instead of a career.

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That Kind of Government Worker, eh

Fired from government, jailed,failed at public office, will now preach.

onno doove
Ahh, she’s found her dream job, i’m sure she will not be held accountable in this position…

Nina Tryggvason
yeah, she is the kind of government employee that I am familiar with.

onno doove
The ‘Gimme money but don’t make requirements’ kind?

Nina From Canada, eh
the unable to apply policy type and inserting personal preference

The Agoraphobic PhilosopherOriginally shared by Nina From Canada, eh Nina K Tryggvason • 13 hours ago

so she is going to preach and women are not supposed to tell men what to do

and why can’t she get one man to eat her sandwich, eh

Public Service – Best Practises and Lessons Learned

the Public Service of Canada under attack by the NeoCon Harperites

Public Service and Taxpayers

How is the greater good served by sacrificing individuals?

GayEGO Nina K Tryggvason • 11 hours ago

They are not into fishy smelling box lunches!


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Nina K Tryggvason GayEGO • a few seconds ago Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by LGBTQ Nation.

Dude, it is 2018 and gay men need to deal with the misogyny too.

Kim Davis may be a cunt by her behaviour, but that does not mean that cunts are are horrid as she is, eh.

So, don’t be that kind of a dick either. that Kim Davis has been fired by voters, she’s going to become a preacher

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Any HR would say it is.

Bill Clinton’s pause between the is and the other is, is the most pregnant pause that did not result in conception; for other reasons.

President/Intern is totally an abuse of power,

any Human Resources person can explain that.

#LindaTrpp#KenStarr#Republicans#Lewinsky#Clinton#whitehouse#TheTrippTapes#trump#RESISTHillary Clinton: Husband’s affair with Lewinsky not an abuse of power

however, it is not the issue in 2018. with the American Government turning into a theocracy.

Dear Hil,

retire from public life, you boomers have had your run, time for Generation X. Originally shared by William Wells – 33 commentsNo, we’d remain quite sane.
Which is why we’d fight her tooth and nail.Progressives would ‘lose their minds’ if Clinton ran for president again, says GOP pollster

Totally agree. It’s time to move past this and not let it be a distraction for what is happening today in the White House.

Nina From Canada, eh
President/Intern is totally an abuse of power, any Human Resources person can explain that. however, it is not the issue in 2018. with the American Government turning into a theocracy.

brenda boudinot
She was a rich, sophisticated young woman. She went into this with eyes wide open, She was betrayed by her confidante. Different times, and the Rethugs were on the hunt throughout the entire presidency of Bill Clinton to take him out. Lewinsky meant nothing to them, she was their too, and they used her well.

Nina From Canada, eh
she was a junior employee

brenda boudinot
How many women do you know of at 22 who are not adults. I am not saying Clinton was right in what he did. I am saying much of this was persuasion by Tripp at the hands of some Republicans to move this forward and then they dropped a bomb on her. She was a dupe, and didn’t know it at the time. Human Resources works for the company, not for the employees.

Nina From Canada, eh
at 22 she was an adult. but ignore the people and just look at the organization chart. even if the president had sex with the vice president, it is an imbalance of power and the person in the higher rank has a greater obligation. there is public trust that office holders are worthy of it and are not enriching themselves by the position.

brenda boudinot+ My mother-in-law swears no one was molested, or became pregnant out of wedlock until the mid-60’s. Wasn’t true. Younger women have been crushing on married men forever. She knew he was and didn’t really care at the time. She was obsessed with him and enchanted by the whole picture. She regrets it now. I am not out to vilify her, just not buying the innocence at 23 profile. I read all the transcripts.3m

Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

Nina From Canada, eh at the time, I thought Monica was a big girl and honestly, despite being a lesbian, I might had had sex with Bill too, frankly, him and Hilary are a hot couple. but I have a different view of the workplace post my career, it’s the workplace and that particular work place, power is something that distorts a more usual workplace dynamic.

power that cannot restrain itself, demonstrates a lack of understanding of said power.

that command vs demand respect is dependant on use of authority, eh

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An Untenable Life

wake up without a reason to get up

wait, maybe fall back into a dreamless restless disturbed sleep

eventually, the lure of coffee becomes too strong

and the pangs threaten, head and no energy

a passing thought, dreams ended by purpose, life happened instead

suddenly, it’s afternoon

a routine of doing nothing that seemed like something

RRS: Cannabis and Anxiety

after years of something that was rendered nothing

The RCMP Apology

Canada’s LGBTQ2 Apology

the day spent swirling, contemplating

December 9: 1 Minus Human Rights Day

Translink and BC Human Rights

Starting a Human Rights Complaint

Human Rights: When do we want them?

to assert rights, to ask to demand, to request to file an application to have them, eh

the biggest legal fiction and social lie, you have rights, that others are entitled to withold and deny, on their whim and beleif. rather than be citizens and act according to the law, to which, we all claim to agree, eh.

Personhood means dignity of person is conferred, until demonstrated why it should not be extended. 

How’s your day – the question I fear more than any other, eh

The Agoraphobic Philosopher

I am compiling the book that my Father told me to write, it’s scattered over my blogs. I am not saying what the title is yet (but there is one), but this meme that I made in 2012 is the cover, eh.

my original blog:

Nina’s Garden
How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence. ~Benjamin Disraeli

Confessions of a teenaged poet

Lez Flirt

Living Well
NatGeo Gallery

The Shut-in Stand-Up Comedic look at life from the POV of a virtual shut-in

Wayback Machine*/

Youtube Channel

and my two current blogs:

Our Daily Elvis
Give Us This Day, Our Daily Elvis

I want to explain the image below of Chelsea Manning and Nina Tryggvason.

Manning was an American Military Personnel.

Tryggvason was a Public Service Employee.

this is my primary project, Operation Justice, eh. The Video Game/Flirting Charity are a combo project two. and my project three is the last thing that my Father told to me. Write a book, which I did, over my blogs.

I am a Gen X Dyke, who would like to have a lunch meeting with Manning. 101: Learn to hear the No

ElvisWorld: Graceland Human Rights Ground Zero?

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Lezflirt 101: Hear the No Lesbian Edition

Nina From Canada, ehLesbian-CommunityNov 10, 2018getting a bit femme steamy, time to churn the mists a bit

(edited to add, this is just a member posting, not flirting with other members)


HOW TO APPROACH BUTCH LESBIANS 7 comments7 2 plus ones2 one share1Shared publicly•View activity

  • Debbie Jones+1love this! very loud intro music though! nearly destroyed my ear drums!


Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

Nina From Canada, eheveryone is welcome, the internet is all about data sharing, eh. 3d

Debbie Jones's profile photo

Debbie Jones+Nina From Canada, eh love datasharing3d

Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

Nina From Canada, eh+Debbie Jones I apologize, I have added this line to the above post: (edited to add, this is just a member posting, not flirting with other members)2d

Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

Nina From Canada, eh+Debbie Jones I also apologize for assuming you where flirting, it’s difficult to tell from just text, but I am not single, and want to be very clear. this is data sharing, not invitational. 2d

Debbie Jones's profile photo

Debbie Jones+Nina From Canada, eh I am reading you loud and clear.11h

Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

Nina From Canada, eh+Debbie Jones I think I have found my forever femme already; so Appreciated.

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Lezflirt 101: Learn to hear the No

Learn to hear the no


enock lumbasi

Nina From Canada, eh
did you see the post where I am not interested in your as anything other than a google follower?

enock lumbasi
Yeah…..but took it causally

Nina From Canada, eh
take it seriously. you are a waste of my time, so just stop posting at me.

What a serious memo?….OK…but remember haters makes you relevant….I volunteer to be your only hater…..imagine how u hate trump?…..what if you add me in the list?….my dear I have nothing personal ….posting on you is what I enjoy most mama!

old women are still hunted in some parts of the world as witches,

t“Communities deprived of a crucial say in important political matters by dubious and despotic governments can be tricked into a false sense of control and power when they are encouraged to name and supposedly shame individuals wrongfully adjudged to be different and immoral.

It is a sick, mad and twisted political strategy, but it works. Such “us versus them” narratives, usually based on distorted readings of history, religious teachings and cultural values, allow politicians and religious leaders to manipulate and subdue desperately underprivileged masses. “Are anti-gay witch hunts really protecting ‘African values’?

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Defining “Lesbro”

The word “Lesbro” is a term of friendzone affection between lesbians and heterosexual men. It is the complete opposite of the Fag/Fag Hag relationship.

This is dedicated to the best Lesbro I ever had, The Anonymous Lesbro – one who refused to take any credit for his essential contribution, without which, this would have been a blog on Web 2.0 that few read, and a website in 1.0 that got a half million hits, with three quarters being from usa military servers.

this is going to be in the front of the revised flirting manual for the workshop I did for the Queer Community centre back in the decade it was called the Gay and Lesbian Centre. and, by today’s standards, would be deemed harassment. in the work place or in some public places, anyway.

The 1990s Lesbian Flirting 101 workshop became “Lezflirt” in web 1.0 as a site and in web 2.0 as a blog.

In Web 3.0, it’s just free data.


Dear Group, and the worst part is

that the more an expert a person is in a subject, the dumber they get about it Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

Dear Group, and the worst part is

that the more an expert a person is in a subject, the dumber they get about it Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

Dear group, by 2012 I saw a relationship abuse checklist while surfing facebook and I realized, I hit every single line item

and this post that I did, at the blog at the time, was my trying to fool myself

2011 Just Before the Lesbian Divorce

The Lesbian “Practically Republican” Housewife

The Lesbian “Practically Republican” Housewife

2011 – I had gone on a cruise that I did not want to go on, and the predictable happened, just has I had read in an article about a social trend in Japan in 2007

retire and go cruising get divorced

there is nothing like an expensive vacation to discover, you are married to the wrong person, eh

2018 and there is 12 years of quality left on the planet; unless drastic action is taken #IdleNoMore#LestWeForget

I just had a terrible awful marvellous scathing idea, eh

A true Lesbian Date Story

in a movie theatre packed full of lesbians of all types

the penultimate fingernail clipping scene leaving the theatre breathless

the character congratulate them fisting on the couch and honestly I can only think that the British Columbia Film Classification Board had any clue of what was being shown

one character says “On the couch, that’s hard.”

without a beat, my date and I say “no, it’s not”

the theatre laughed in surprise, knowing and relief.

this movie is why the L Word tv show was so disappointing, eh.

my fave dyke movie, it was the first one that was not about coming out or the butch dying so the femme could be returned to heteroville.

lesbian jokes from the 1990 in Canada, eh

Nina From Canada, eh
did you ever hear that joke from the 1990s: why do lesbians have their noses pierced? so they can breath during sex!

bernadette ring

Nina From Canada, eh
what do two femmes do in bed? each other’s make up

what do two butches do? count ceiling tiles.

Jacie The Moo Queen!!!Sexuality: A, Bi, Mono or Pan1wAny tips for first time getting a girlfriend? I never had one before..Shared publicly•View activity

Nina From Canada, eh's profile photo

Rule Number One, Manners, Doors and Chairs, pull em out and use them, Open the doors, pull out the chairs and speak respectfully, and if you both do it, eventually, you’ll fall into a pattern of personality and don’t get hung up on identity, eh. the Transvestite – Norse Mythology for Smart People

“These men are finding new stages on which to express their queerness, collapsing gender barriers in the world of dance.”How a Group of Gay Male Ballet Dancers Is Rethinking Masculinity

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