Disaster Aid is supposed to reduce the harm, eh

Mitigating Disasters is what Emergency Preparedness is

Posted on October 29, 20121

I was the Regional Emergency Preparedness Officer at three Federal Departments. Indian & Northern Affairs Canada, Industry Canada, and Service Canada.

Additionally, I was the Emergency Preparedness Building Warden at INAC,
and a member of the emergency response teams at Immigration and Refugee Board and Royal Canada Mounted Police. Continue reading →

nina tryggvason7 hours ago

the republicans think disasters are gods punishment for people touching their own and other people’s genitals. little wonder they do not understand government budgets and science.2 Replies

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tray walker3 hours ago

don’t know why they r touching their own, and others all the time. hypocrites

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

yes. Texas especially voting against disaster aid in other states and then when they had a disaster claimed FEMA tried to invade and that they repelled them. I do not understand people who hate government wanting to work in public office.

Disaster Preparedness: @ Home with Professionals

Posted on October 10, 2015by dykewriter

Disaster Preparation is a consideration of a number of factors. Why Type of Events are likely in your region and how likely or often are they to occur. Building Codes are the primary method of prevention. However, planning for a … Continue reading →

Pet Preparedness: Part of Planning for an Emergency

Posted on October 6, 2015by dykewriter

the last thing traumatized people need is more trauma and guilt over abandoning pets. they are not wild and not revertable – everyone needs to plan for our fur companions who depend on us. Source: Pet Preparedness: Part of Planning … Continue reading →

National Preparedness Goal: Second Edition Just Released

Posted on October 6, 2015by dykewriter

Kewl… USA and Canada really need to better integrate, we have so many common fronts Source: National Preparedness Goal: Second Edition Just Released

Emergency preparedness: what’s your readiness?

Posted on September 29, 2015by dykewriter

Emergency Preparedness is a practice, not just a process just like security is not some product, but a procedure Education and Outreach – if the evening news doesn’t convince people to get involved with their neighbors – get to know … Continue reading →

National Preparedness Month

Posted on September 16, 2015by dykewriter

Dear Governments: Putting Young Earth Creationists in charge of preparedness and environmental sciences is not okay.   disaster weather is not related to what humans do with their genitals, and disasters are not “deserved” or caused by the fact that … Continue reading →

Preparedness: Emergency to Disaster then Recovery

Posted on September 13, 2015by dykewriter

I was a Girl Guide in the 1970s and I learned 2 things: Be Prepared How to Sell 1980 – Mount St. Helen’s, Washington, USA Volcanoes a personal interest story Waking up to ash several hours away in Canada was astonishing. … Continue reading →

Building Codes vs Emergency Preparedness

Posted on September 1, 2015by dykewriter

Canada, British Columbia – Trending on the news is *WW2 Vet* dies in stairwell after Blackout Fall at elderly carehouse facility. Complete with hand-wringing relatives and now paranoid with cause co-residents. How could this happen? Profits over people, the facility … Continue reading →

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