Trump, when not a Bridge Term

as in the card game nor the builder of type.

Manuel Santiago5 hours ago

“He’s An IDIOT”: Trump SLANDERS Hurricane Survivors Calling Them “Drug Dealers” – YouTubeTrump SLANDERS Hurricane Survivors calling them “bad gang members” and “bad drug dealers”. People on Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands used to making short …youtu.beEmoji

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Diane Beckett16 minutes ago

Lol yeah he doesnt want that rats nest taking flight …hes always pinning labels on people…’drug dealers ‘gang members ‘ he tars everyone with the same brush …one size fits all mentality …crazy man .. Reply

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Manuel Santiago14 minutes ago

How very true  Reply

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

he is a known con artist so desperate for attention he even explain in his 80s book the art of the deal how he swindles people and he keeps peddling that same snake oil dog n pony show act, from the decade he was known for Bankruptcy ,Bad Hair and Bimbos to his personifying reality tv not as a host of a few shows but by turning the oval office into social media.

in my adult lifetime, the Republican Party merged with the KKK in the 1980 and they went from President B Movie Actor who played affable through Two Bushes to a man who grabs them and is President Bonespurs Bankrupt x6 Married x3 (twice to immigrants) and pays off porn stars and refers to himself as a saviour and not leaving the oval office. from the patriot family values party the righteous wing of a nation founded on teh ideal of no more kings and separation of church and state.

which religion is not the basis for the vote to have nor remove from any person.

of which, there are 7 billion with less than 1% genetic difference and pale is a poor adaption in a climate changed world at the time of Colonialism truth and reconciliation; the end of the superpower era and the new world TPP economic reality. time to sue religion out of existence for the social and history harms, from crusades and witch hunts to genocides. not give it a pass on taxes or objections or a social veneer of civility.

Mockery and ridicule and telling the historically accurate, adjusted for who wrote it, (the so called winners) and the laws of centuries and nations past.

rights mean nothing when withheld and only matter when expanded and extended.


nina tryggvason – OwnerLGBTQ2a day ago (1)EmojiView previous comments

Onno Singularitya day ago

Looked up an article referring to the same study, basically more research needed, but inclination might be present in the genes. Same things have been found in many other psychological/biological studies, up to and including mental health/addiction studies. On a moral scale it doesn’t matter of course, same sex relationships do no harm. Ass-holes do 5 Replies

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nina tryggvason – Owner3 hours ago

it is funny the religious demand science prove sexuality, when the proving ethnicity did not end that bigotry. and given climate change we have to stop acting as if those that think there is a god waiting to factory reset the planet for just a chosen few have a valid point.

Onno Singularity3 hours ago

We can even simplify that to:’Let’s listen to people that consistently come up with re-producible results instead of just stupidly believing what suits us’…

nina tryggvason – Owner3 hours ago

indeed. if religion had to peer review there would not be anymore. study one and it’s a life, two and it’s an hour.

Onno Singularity3 hours ago

Yup, only then you wouldn’t get to believe you are the master of all the eye can see, which seems to be the basics of the problem

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