framework and proofs. eh

Onno Singularity21 hours ago

Looked up an article referring to the same study, basically more research needed, but inclination might be present in the genes. Same things have been found in many other psychological/biological studies, up to and including mental health/addiction studies. On a moral scale it doesn’t matter of course, same sex relationships do no harm. Ass-holes do 

nina tryggvason – Owner2 minutes ago

it is funny the religious demand science prove sexuality, when the proving ethnicity did not end that bigotry. and given climate change we have to stop acting as if those that think there is a god waiting to factory reset the planet for just a chosen few have a valid point.

Onno Singularitya minute ago

We can even simplify that to:’Let’s listen to people that consistently come up with re-producible results instead of just stupidly believing what suits us’…

nina tryggvason – Ownera few seconds ago

indeed. if religion had to peer review there would not be anymore. study one and it’s a life, two and it’s an hour.

Your Kids May Become LGBT Billboards Next Week: Soccer Mom Sounds Alarm on Activist Agenda | CBN NewsHomosexual activists have declared next week as “Play With Pride” week, and they want all soccer athletes – including kids – to wear rainbow laces on their soccer cleats to show their support.

Onno Singularity17 hours ago

Sooooo, peoples sexualities are political now, makes sense, she would prefer peoples bodies policed….

nina tryggvason – Owner4 minutes ago

Potty Police.. yeah…

Religion does crime against humanity. This is religion in Russia and Chechnya at work. Russia denies it, and Chechnya denies it. purges in Chechnya – Wikipediaen.m.wikipedia.orgShare

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