the Twenty Teens, like the 70s and 90s had a baby

 I wrote this as an intro to a new vancouver community event 90s Dyke Mentoring Brunches.

nina tryggvasonLGBTQ2a day ago to Naughty Nineties Dyke Mentoring | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxThe 1990s was the Decade before 9/11 changed the sense of the world, before AIDS was a chronically manageable condition for parts of the world; and it changed the balance of the generational birth …dykewriter.wordpress.comShareEmoji

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Alex Blue16 hours ago

I remember that very well.

nina tryggvason

it feels scarier than the 90s with all the genocides being done. did you see Alberta’s Jason Kinney brag about ethical canada energy and then complain about the labour laws and human rights that make it ethical as he praised Putin for jailing anyone he wants?

Alex Blue13 minutes ago purges in Chechnya –

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

jason kinney of alberta and formerly federal politics jealous of Putin being able to jail people.. #LestWeForgetEh

Trump is bad people, can he be kicked out?‘Bad people’ from storm-ravaged Bahamas not welcome, Trump says | The StarThe statement contradicted what Trump’s own Customs and Border Patrol head Mark Morgan said just two hours

Onno Singularity

Nahhhh, too many bad people like him for giving them justification for being bad. It’s a recursive process, at this point we can only reboot and upgrade the kernel… 

Onno Singularity

Also: what will happen when just randomly having been born white isn’t good enough any more?

nina tryggvason

not like it was an accomplishment to start with, happenstance at birth

then we really have to have fewer babies

Onno Singularity13 minutes ago

I’m pretty sure privileged people whining about ‘PC-culture’ know in their hearts their benefits are unearned, hence; afraid of competition 

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

yes. it is why they are desperate to expand their rights before others get the basic ones.

Scientists Might Have Unintentionally Discovered How to Reverse Biological Ageing – Sputnik InternationalWhile trying to regenerate the thymus gland, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers might have found a solution to not only slowing down the ageing problem but actually reversing it, a new study claims.sputniknews.comShare (1)Emoji

Quirk Sugarplum

Thank you, no. One trip around is sufficient

nina tryggvason – Ownera day ago

agreed. in my 20s this would have appealed more, I had a sense of so much living to do but in my 50s. and with over 7 billion people and more generations than ever before, the perspective changes..

nina tryggvason – Ownera few seconds ago

@Alex Blue they demanded science, which delivers. but they reject science of ethnicity heredity as they remain bigots and also the denying climate change. so odd they demand science for sexuality. while relying on religion as an authority for government and social policy.

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