What is the safeword from religion? oh right : ATHEIST


Right-wing pastor claims LGBT people are looking for ‘domination’Pastor Greg Locke said that the response to Boston’s “straight pride parade” shows him that LGBT+ people are after domination.www.pinknews.co.uk

Alex Blue4 hours ago

The pastor is an idiot.

Onno Singularity2 hours ago

Mostly wilfully stupid because equal rights for everybody means he would actually have to prove his usefulness, is my guess

nina tryggvason
3 minutes ago

he is admitting what he wants, to be dominated by a bigger man, probably of a differing ethnicity too.

all the religious leaders do is try to control everyone’s genitals. they really need a new hobby, they do not realize how small and pathetic they render their own god.


Founder of conversion therapy program says he’s gay and disavows the movement – The Washington PostMcKrae Game, the founder of Hope for Wholeness Network, called for the dissolution of all conversion therapy centers.www.washingtonpost.com

anyone surprised?

Martine Faseur

Open carry???Really???? 

nina tryggvason

sad when they have to display an external penis substitute. ammosexuals Reply

nina tryggvason

white hetero men are this afraid of women, queer people and all genders of other ethnicities…but also each other.. given men are the biggest danger to men then women going by north american criminal stats.

Martine Faseur

Omg!!!!is that normal in the States?!?!No wonder they murder eachother out………‍️‍️‍️and trump says WE are a shithole?Whahahahahaha!That’s a good one!Will somebody please tells the dude that he must take his medicins on regular base……..‍️ 

nina tryggvason

yes. many are confused that the wild west era ended some time ago. along with slavery too. eh. but the Equal Rights Amendment for women to have rights remains unratified and along with Roe vs Wade being rolled back. no universal health care. it is little wonder it is now the G19 and the G6. eh. that is if the UK is allowed to remain in the club – did they sign the TPP?

you can stay in by anyone but Boris if you have another delay tactic election following your prorogue, Canada did, but there is a regular election this fall for us. we can for for world leader or goosestep into the USA/Russia/Saudia Arabia/North Korea dictator league. Queens and their Proxy GGs… how is Australia down I wonder.

Martine Faseuran hour ago

Famed reality tv star????trump???really or is this a joke?!?!?

nina tryggvason2 minutes ago

yes, America went from the 1980s President B Movie Actor through two Bushes to a guy who grabs them as a handshake President Reality TV Host – his famous line was firing people. He is more normally known for Bimbos, Bankruptcy and Bad Hair.

Trump did the usual scapegoat to those most willing to goosestep with giddiness waiting to genocide all those they blame for their squalid sad lives they need to #StopMakingWhiteEmbarassing because #LestWeForget

The 12 Early Warning Signs of Fascism – Washington Monthly
https://washingtonmonthly.com › 2017/01/31 › the-12-early-warning-sign…

Jan 31, 2017 – If you go to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, you can see a sign hanging there that tells you what to look for if you’re worried that your country may …

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