the religion and mental illness: a fine line to be drawn

Alex BlueTimeline8 hours ago

I don’t believe in your schizophrenic, delusional and narcissistic theistic beliefs.

I don’t pray to an imaginary friend (God), nor do I pray to imaginary friends (gods) like those who are schizophrenic, delusional and narcissistic.

I don’t believe in your imaginary sky daddy (God) or your imaginary sky daddies (gods), what makes you think I believe in your imaginary ground troll (Devil) or your imaginary trolls (devils)? I’m not schizophrenic like you, nor am I delusional like you, nor am I narcissistic like you.

Keep your schizophrenic, delusional and narcissistic theistic beliefs to yourselves.Share (14)Emoji

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nina tryggvason7 hours ago

religion meets the diagnostic manual meaning of delusion, and it is time to list it and watch the manual shrink. Reply

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Onno Singularity4 hours ago

And if you’ve got schizophrenia and do not believe in a god? (Asking for a friend, that friend is me) Reply

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Onno Singularity4 hours ago

Hehe, we good! I’m not that touchy  Reply

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Onno Singularity2 hours ago

There are some weird mental health misconceptions though; psychotic does not mean violent sociopath. A sociopath knows what they do, they just don’t care. Most people in a psychotic episode are scared and confused. Soo when someone describes an abusive asshole as psychotic; nope, he’s a sociopath… Reply

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nina tryggvasona minute agoedited

i think once religion is identified as a mental illness and it bears all the stigma it can separate what is an actual mental illness within a brain chemistry and development portion arising from dna and shaped by environmental experiences – to separate the religion is to find the line where the violence does not arise.

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Onno Singularityan hour ago

People like this are very basic, they have a content-less void within themselves that has to be constantly filled with attention and worship. Men wanting to be ‘alpha’ males are in reality sad specimens. The only reason they want to be in control is because they know no-one really wants to be around them otherwise…

nina tryggvason12 minutes ago

yes why they loathe those they most want to love them.

Onno Singularitya minute ago

Pretty much, yeah

nina tryggvasona minute ago

religion is a personality cult. the return claims set up the next successful con gamer.

religion is against people and that is discrimination. religion is mental illness and needs to be in the diagnostic manual.

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Onno Singularityan hour ago

I have to disagree with you there (also: it is stigmatizing because you’d imply that mental disorders make people automatically dangerous)

As i see it religion is often used as a justification for bad behaviour. It is perfectly possible to be mentally healthy and still be an ass-hole looking for permission to be a bigot or a racist. See –> the rise of Trump and European Nationalists

nina tryggvason – Owner8 minutes ago

but mentally healthy people are not bothered others exist.

religion is a justification it is why we invented it. it is not like personified deities are well behaved and the over 40,000 sects and personal versions of the abrahamic one is foolish on it’s face,

hm. well I will work on the phrasing since mental illness is not the problem. religion is.

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