So much for considering The Children, eh?


Man screams profanities at 9-year-old girl holding a ‘Do Something’ sign at Iowa gun violence vigil – Raw StoryIn response to the week of mass shootings, people have taken to the streets, begging leaders to “do something” to keep Americans safe from the terror they face of these shooters. One person asking for action is a 9-year-old girl, who joined a group demanding action. Holding a sign reading: “DO SOMETHING,” the girl held […]www.rawstory.comEmoji

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nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

nice behaviour from the think of the children family values patriot party, President Pussy Grabber should be so proud of his Deplorables, eh?

White teen from powerful political family gets banned from school over insanely racist gun video – Raw StoryOn Monday, WOLO reported that a 16-year-old South Carolina student has been expelled from the Cardinal Newman School, banned from the property, and faces criminal charges following a violent, racial-slur-laden social media post in which he shoots a box of shoes representing black people. “Howdy. I’m Parker Mustian, and I hate black prople,” he can […]

Diane Beckett29 minutes ago

That’s the kind of male that should never never never be allowed a gun licence …a massacre waiting to happen ..the signs are there as they were with the recent 2 mass shooters .

Manuel Santiago10 minutes ago

He won’t be happy in life, he’ll be a miserable racist just like george wallace was, who in the end sought peace with himself but was too late….

nina tryggvason4 minutes ago

if he was happy he would not be bothered other people exist. it is a sign of the insecurity even in the midst of not only plenty, but too much.

this is why i started the hashtags #StopMakingWhiteEmbarassing and for Canada #StopMakingWhiteEmbarassingEh

Pitiful got deep issue old man, wonder how many times pop has gotten his butt tossed about…..

70-year-old Nebraska man takes ‘get off my lawn’ to a whole new level by slashing tires – Raw StoryOne 70-year-old Omaha, Nebraska man took “get off my lawn” to a whole new level this week. The Omaha World-Herald reported that a man was furious that a pickup truck had parked partly on the grass in front of his house. So, he took a knife to the truck’s tires, smashed the lights out of […]

nina tryggvason7 hours ago

what a great description of the appropriately named Baby Boomers. he is really unclear on the idea of property damage, property taxes and the public purse. eh.

Manuel Santiago3 hours ago

He’s lucky that’s for sure, 70 years old or not  I’m 65 years old & I swear to God I would on his pathetic old arse like white on rice 1 Reply

nina tryggvason8 minutes ago

in an era when bullets have replaced talking points and cars into crowd is opinion, I guess we are supposed to be happy he had a hammer, eh?

Dear Rachel Dolezal, NO and also No Fucking Way, eh

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Bumper Sticker Psychology 101: Ethnicity Disphoria is now a Thing

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Family says NCAAP leader, who complained of racial harassment, is white Dolezal’s mother, Ruthanne, says the family’s ancestry is Czech, Swedish and German, with a touch of Native American heritage  mea culpa + white mans burden = Ethnity Disphoria … Continue reading →

Ted Cruz’s Creepy Soup Story

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Did Ted Cruz, USA Prez-idate, Just volunteer to be Assassinated?

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Dear Birthers: ‘splain Cruz

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“Travel is not a Right” …but it is reality

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Nation Treaties vs Business Contracts

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Judge denies trans teen’s name change because Caitlyn Jenner may have brainwashed him Onno Doove  • a day ago So…. They’re so fragile they need an infinite safe space? Nina Trygg  Onno Doove • a day ago and the need to control everyone else even … Continue reading →

nina tryggvason15 minutes ago

exactly how hate crimes work. Leader words and followers action.

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  1. dykewriter says:

    nina tryggvason
    9 minutes ago
    @Manuel Santiago hope you don’t mind being a guest on my blog.

    Manuel Santiago
    3 minutes ago
    No problem


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