Religion is money for nothing with altar boys for free

says a catholic source

‘Queer Eye’ shows how grace works | National Catholic ReporterWhen the U.S. bishops met this past June, Bishop Robert Barron, auxiliary of Los Angeles, drew some heavy pushback when he lifted up Canadian psychologist and social media personality Jordan Peterson …

Alex Blue

They’re strange eh?

nina tryggvason

indeed. pedophile priests make it clear to me why the Quebec swear word is the cupboard in the altar. religion is money for nothing with altar boys for free.

 cognitive dissonance is a great thing when it kicks in

Christian relationship guru apologises to LGBT people saying he has lost faithAuthor of best-selling Christian relationship guide, Joshua Harris, has apologised to LGBT+ people after his marriage ended and he lost his

Alex Blue2 hours ago

There’s hope for humanity, or am I being delusional.1 Reply

nina tryggvason – Ownera few seconds ago

the internet has increased atheism the same way literacy did – those who hate can sometimes realize it was themself all along, as science suggest way back decades ago and we could have had such a better human understanding if science had been allowed to report things like the bonobos, known in the 1960s for example. so the religious can’t do victorian eugenics claiming to be science and remain ethnically prejudice in the genetics is a science and the genome cracked era and deny LGBTQ2 rights without a science overproof, when they reject science and whatever parts of religion suits whatever they need as if that is not also a known. eh.

I stopped anthropormizing homo homo sapiens in 2012.

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