almost communicated, but then, not at all. again.

Wanda Lotus – OwnerWanda Lotus, Blogger2 days ago

It was interesting to read their take on what makes a community last. The idea that sacrifice is the glue sure works with the idea of misery loving company!

Secular Churches Rethink Their Sales Pitch – The AtlanticSecular organizers started their own congregations. But to succeed, they need to do a better job of imitating religion.www.theatlantic.comShareEmojiView previous comments

nina tryggvasona day ago

sticking to it no matter what is not sustainable. it is mental illness4 Replies

Wanda Lotus – Owner16 hours ago

Religious beliefs are not mental illness. Saying so is disrespectful to people who truly have mental illness. We’ve talked about this before.

nina tryggvason11 hours ago

while I am not a professional. I do speak advisedly, religion meets the diagnostic manual meaning. and Wanda I am socially disordered with major depression, I have been diagnosed following bullying by an interfaith group. I not not mocking the mentally ill, I am one of them. the disrespect is not going to those in need of medical support – but naming the problem demographic being normalized when it should not – the medical profession needs to take a stand against religion – it is not therapy, just like the legal profession needs to take a stand on law as well.

Wanda Lotus – Owner11 hours ago

I cannot agree with this and would appreciate you not calling religion “mental illness” on my site. It is disrespectful.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

i understand your position but I am not able to convey mine. so I will absent myself.

Court orders Elections Canada to reconsider if voting date needs to be moved from Jewish holiday | National PostThe justice questioned if Perrault balanced the infringement on the charter rights of affected voters against the objectives of the election lawnationalpost.comShareEmoji

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Alex Blue – Owneran hour agoedited

Oi Vey.  What’s next? Move election date because of Muslims day off is on Friday or because of some Islamic holiday? And what about other religions? Canada is a multicultural country with people ranging from one religious observation to the next. Don’t we need to shift the voting date to accommodate them too? Or are Jews getting special treatment only? If so, how’s that fair to other people of different religions who are Canadian citizens? They never thought about it, did they? Obviously, not.

To top it off, Canada is a Catholic country Historically. Our major religion by population in Canada is Catholicism.
Not a Jewish or Muslim state.

Today Canada is a post-Christian Secular Religious Pluralist State.1 Reply

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

time for religion to be in the diagnostic manual and out of the law and out of the medical industry.

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