The Bell Jar Curve, eh

today I was able to leisure pleasure read for the first time, as one would normally refer to sitting on a comfortable furniture with a beverage of choice at hand and reading from page one to the last of a work of fiction paper back.

Today I re-read Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar

I first read it as a teenager, I found it on my Dad’s bookcase. After I read it, it was left on mine.

In any event, in the 1980s. when I first read it, there was two take aways for me

The Rosenbergs, for whom in that decade there was doubt about her; but more recently over government disclosure times, we know they were both guilty.

there were an interest hobby along with Chicago Tommy Gun era gangsters.

But also. the lesbian thing. it was an option. I had read Marion Zimmer Bradley books with gay men. Now literature confirmed lesbians for me, back then.

Reading the book now. it was about the electricity .

From my hobby interest, I recall that she had to be jolted twice before death occurred. the science of the era was much like gallows. adjusted for weight and little else.

But more the so called treatment, in lesser jolts and more applied doses for the shock therapy the character is subjected to for not being heterosexually conventional.

little wonder so many women writers who were lesbians took their own lives. the only act of control over it that they had. a room of ones own indeed. eh.

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