Personality and Occupational Types, eh

The One with all the Terrorism Posts | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxNina From Canada, eh+2 Operation Paperclip Lest We Forget, but since we did #LestWeForget Joan Poh I read up on Operation Paperclip….so that’s how Nazi ideology infiltrated into the USA…

Mensche Fail: Wiesel the Weasel | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxFor a long time, the only people I could listen to were ones who I knew had been through something worse than me.   Combat Troops and Holocaust Survivors were the total list.   I have bee…

Fewer People Get Married in Skyrim Than Finish ItWhat have you accomplished in Skyrim? You’ve probably not finished it and it’s even less likely you’ve reached Level 50 or gotten

Onno Singularity2 hours ago

I am back to playing some RAGE 2 (post-apocalyptic open-world shooterfest). I play as a female ranger, but she’s mostly interested in punching and shooting stuff, no romance there!

nina tryggvason

i prefer civilization and simcity that kinda god game where you are the whole thing, not just a character wandering in it.

hmm. no romance and too much like at work. given the givens eh…. hmmm…

little wonder video games no longer interest me….

Onno Singularityan hour ago

Ahh, i prefer it the other way around (also: i REALLY don’t like to tell people how to do their job) 

nina tryggvason

not me, that actually was in my job description.

Onno Singularity14 minutes ago

And you’re welcome to it, i prefer the role of engineer/artisan 

nina tryggvason – Owner9 minutes ago

well, we know I am more the Jarl type… or the Treasurer/Accountant.. but more the Policy Advisory when really.. Jester eh.

A Brief History Of Gay Marriage In Video GamesThe supreme court wasn’t just copying Fire Emblem when it ruled in favor of same-sex marriage today. Gay unions have been around for quite some time in video games. Let’s look back at marriage equality’s rich history in the virtual

‘Fallout’ Had Gay Marriage Back In 1998There was a time when you had to go to the post-apocalyptic wasteland to get married to someone of the same sex. On Friday, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark decision making gay marriage legal in all fifty states, scoring an important victory for the 1st amendment, the 14th amendment, […]

The Law and Order Agenda

Posted on March 8, 2015by dykewriter

Focus on the sensationalistic violent street level crime that people understand in a visceral personal threat manner to keep them from noticing the economic crimes that do the actual society harm by undermining institutions, costing everyone retirement and earning ability. … Continue reading →Posted in Zeitgeist Analytics | Tagged c-51CSISeconomic crimegovernmentlaw and orderStephen Harperstreet criestreet crime5 Comments | Edit

Canada Declassified: Doomsday Cults

Posted on February 19, 2015by dykewriter

  Report No. 2000/03: Doomsday Religious Movements   December 18, 1999 This paper uses open sources to examine any topic with the potential to cause threats to public or national security. Introduction Often overlooked in the discussion of emerging security … Continue reading →

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