Lunch at Lesbian Homeland aka IKEA

i went to Ikea recently and I think I am now done with the big box suburban stores

Nina's Soap Bubble Box

Nina at Ikea 7Nina at Ikea 1Nina at Ikea 2Nina at Ikea 3Nina at Ikea 4Nina at Ikea 5Nina at Ikea 6

I love going to IKEA, normally I go to the As Is section first, but it was Fish n Chips day and the cafeteria was packed.

Had a nice outing with the Parentals and we even made a second stop at Guildford Mall.

vertical garden at Guildford Mall Surrey BC

I’ve been wanting to blog about their vertical garden, but it’s not really a full on blog like the green roof at Library Square.

Although, even this helps with rainwater, heat reflected off concrete, surface albedo.

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