looking forward to nothing apparently. eh.


LGBT people may be more likely to have memory problems, study findsA US study has found that LGBT+ people report experiencing higher rates of memory loss and confusion, two early signs of dementia.www.pinknews.co.uk

10 hours ago

This needs some rigorous, extra research indeed to find the nature/nurture vectors. The stressor component seems logical

nina tryggvason

given most people retain childhood as the cherished memories. it makes sense that queer people who were often traumatized then would not recall that often…

Onno Singularity3 hours ago

I was thinking the same. Let’s hope they don’t find correlation between genetic disposition for queerness and memory-problems, the religious nut-jobs would have a field day

nina tryggvason –

funny how they cherry pick the science and ignore that it is their religion causing the problem of oppression and lgbtq2 lives marginalized

genetics proved ethnicity is inherited and that did not stop bigotry there. ditto other demographics oppression is applied to – women – and sexuality is just another one passed down our potential with the family and cultural environment shaping individual limitations


LGBT individuals are more likely to report early stages of cognitive decline — QuartzNew research finds that members of the LGBT community are more likely to report noticing trouble with their memories than their straight and cis-gendered peers.qz.com

no wonder so few applied. finding out how little value ending their life is worth

@Alex Blue


Canadian ‘LGBT purge’ victims to receive compensation718 victims of Canada’s “LGBT purge” are receiving compensation for suffering “state-sponsored homophobia, bi-phobia and transphobia.”www.pinknews.co.uk

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