Is Trump a bad influence on Putin?

World Leaders vs Entertainment Celebs….

‘6 or 5 genders… no idea what that even is’: Putin says LGBT should not enforce their agenda on kids — RT Russia NewsThere are no high tempers in Russia about LGBT groups, but they shouldn’t instill their views on under-18s, Vladimir Putin said, adding the ever-growing types of genders may somehow be

most is not all. so no. Liberalism is not over yet. #LestWeForget

Vladimir Putin says liberal values are obsolete because most people in the West have rejected them | National Post‘The liberal idea presupposes that nothing needs to be done. The migrants can kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants must be protected’

looks like Trump has influenced Putin?

Putin Says ‘Genius Musician’ Elton John Mistaken on Russian LGBT Rights – The Moscow TimesThe British singer had accused Putin of hypocrisy for saying that he wanted LGBT people to be happy.www.themoscowtimes.comShare

Straight Allies Should Do More Than Just Wave Rainbow Flags at LGBT PrideIt’s Stonewall 50 and World Pride weekend in New York City. If you’re straight, your cheering and support are welcome—as would be your more active fighting for LGBT

Skopje Holds Its First-Ever LGBT Pride ParadeAround 1,000 people gathered on June 29 in the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, for the first-ever gay pride parade in a Balkan country that hopes to finally make progress toward EU membership. Among the crowd of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people there were also supporters from other Balkan countries. There was also a “counterpride” demonstration in Skopje, with several hundred attending a church for prayers, followed by a protest for “traditional family values.” Police were present on the streets but no incidents were reported.Show More

meanwhile in Canada. eh

Woman arrested after LGBTQ group protests at Hamilton mayor’s house | The StarHamilton police laid several charges against a 33-year-old woman after a group of LGBTQ demonstrators showed up at Mayor Fred Eisenberger’s house Friday

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4 Responses to Is Trump a bad influence on Putin?

  1. Obviously any other values, other than your own, are obsolete when you are ultra rich, can jail, or kill, anyone who disagrees with you, and have other like minded people to treat you as a demi god because they fear, or revere you!


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